Monday, December 19, 2011

Baby goo ga ga?

Since my last post, things improved a fair bit. I took advice from Sis E and spoke to the little one for 5mins after her feed, when she's in a semi-conscious state. If i were to put her down immediately, she'll wake up like before, but last night, SHE DIDN"T! YEAH! accomplishment!!! talking to her for a longer period of time does work! Not that i have not been talking but perhaps the way i bring across the idea?

Below is also a clip which has also helped tremendously. See, the power of technology! so who says it doesn't pay to be a tech nerd? Though there's nothing much we can do with regards to the "EAIR" sounds, at least I wont be that clueless and will be able to cope better mentally and keep the hormone-related woes at bay.

Now I'm lost in a sea of happiness and can operate better despite the lack of sleep. Things hopefully can be on auto-mode soon and I can be blessed with bountiful optimism. In truth, we are all new in this game and she's just a lil baby new to this world. The first year of baby's life is the most memorable and exciting..there'd be loads of first and every moment is monumental. She's starting to notice the world and definitely taking notice of her parents. She's responding to our calls and is taking delight the little details of the world. All these little changes make the very insides of me light up.

Ahhhhh...BLISS :)


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