Monday, December 19, 2011

The two most important people in my life

My favourite pic. It perfectly encapsulates the love sweetie has for our lil pumpkin.

Bathing the lil pumpkin. Not an easy task considering how slipper the affair is and that her neck is still soft.
Sweetie has been a great dad thus far, not so much the loving husband I expect though. Mayb my expectations run too high and perhaps I'm a little short fuse from the lack of sleep. From the day she was born till date he has been caressing her cheeks and coaxing her to sleep. However, patience seemed to be weaning yesterday when the hub was asked to do the laundry for lil pumpkin. Since the end of confinement, I had been doing all of lil pumpkin's laundry. mind you, it's not simply a case of chucking into the washer and spin it. They have to be separated from our clothes and for some handwashed. I'm using cloth nappies for half a day and lil pumpkin can be changing 3 nappies in an hour! it's intense. Given that the hub isn't the most organised person in the world, bathing the baby and doing laundry become two major task. When told to bathe her, off he scooted, without preparing all the stuff needed. Halfway through, he'd shout for me to grab her towel if I dont have my hands full! The whole idea for him to bathe her is for me to get some other things done. I feel like I'm constantly a maid to him. Then when it came to laundry, he loves procrastinating and accumulating. When told not to do that, he'd wash a load in the day and another at night. Given the very nice cooling yet rainy weather, that's not exactly the wisest thing to be doing given that we do not have a dryer. True enough, after the 2nd lot, in his frustration, he exclaimed that there isn't any place to hang them dry and that we needed a maid coz laundry was getting intense! Who wouldn't like extra help? Only that finances doesn't quite permit else it'd be very straining. and HALLOooooo...the wife has been doing it for the entire wk, coupled with all the cooking, washing, diapering and feeding! There was even a dilemma for me as to whether i should feed or leave the wailing baby and shit! I chose the latter coz I've been constipated for the last few days and this was the golden opportunity to excrete! Back to the topic -- MEN. you can't stand them, yet you can't live without them. (in some cases). This whole episode goes to show how strong women (well most) are and the amazing things mummies go through for their love ones. Men in comparison, WEAK WEAK WEAK!!!


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