Thursday, June 28, 2007

SHop till we drop!!!

Hey hey beautiful ppl....I'm back from a wonderful break in the shopper's paradise== Bangkok! The shopping queen is back, but I must say, i was a little disappointed with my buys.....coz it's not even half as much as the number of items i've bought on previous shopping trips! Ok ok...this trip, my personal shopping was not the's my dearest suits. We went to this tailor at Asia hotel...frenly lady (but honestly i felt she was too frenly to the extent of fake). Anyway, bumped into a group of 5 singaporean men who were frenly n coincidentally play basketball regularly at Kembangan CC which is near our love nest!!We hit it off pretty well..realli wish there are more ppl like them out there! Hope we can keep in touch. =)

Anyway, hubby looked soooo handsome in his suits...hush hush..not gonna tell u the colour n style...just think it's very nice. 2 suits n 4 shirts, only for 6800bht!!! gosh!'s a steal lor i tell u! Apart from the suit, we also bought this lovely standing lamp for 1500 bht at's soo romantic! we went totally crazy shopping for house stuff...towels, deco stuff for our little waterfeature...a lovely clock for our living room...selling @ Molecule for $199 if i dont recall wrongly!...but once again, we got it at a steal!! plates..oh yes..plates! from Jatujak...gosh...DIRT CHEAP la!!!!...we almost wanted to uPS them back..but decided not to in the end. Paid about $150 for overweight charge...i think for the amount of things bought, it's pretty alright. WAnted to really ship back some sofas n dining chairs totally ashamed of singapore's furniture..the nice stuff are so unaffordable, n the affordable ones are not nice!....over there, nice stuff are everywhere n they are all well priced!

I still can't believe that on the 4th day i spent 6 hours straight at a shopping mall alone! was totally addictive.i even had to withdraw more cash from the atm! n i had a 5min lunch n off to shop the 5 storey building again!..quite unbelievable..It's at this faithful building called Platinum that I bought mama's gowns! yup..i bought her two so she cannot complain that she has none for my wedding! n the two i bought is = to 1/2 the price of the one she bought for herself with my money!!!! n the one she bought wasn't exactly nice plus it's plain n brandless!. not into brands, but at least be of a decent design ma. It was realli a relief when i saw this sheer material cheongsam design dress..mid length...for less than $100 n this other long gown..with plunging neckline..grey n pink in colour costing onli $16!!!!! it certainly doesn't look like it lor! shhhh..if hubby hadn't called, i think i would have stayed there till they closed!haha...i was sick at the end of the day...SIck of Shopping!hahaha...had blisters on my toe too..but the pain was all worth n nothing beat a nice dinner at the Waterside restaurant...lovely place, great food (though small portions). basically everything in that country is pretty tasty n addictive!haha...Over and above, everyday ended with a chillout session with a Heinekken in one bottle cost only 38bht! come on! that's perhaps approximately the cost of a Coke in Singapore la! Who needs Coke then!


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