Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Dear all, I finally can say that my house is 99.99% ready (apart from this hole in the ceiling caused by contractors to be mended, the rest are DONE!). Our dear ID told us that the wallpaper we've ordered came afterall (dont ask me why David Copperfield decided to reveal his magic). Anyway, the impt thing is, IT CAME! On Sunday, it was put up by Goodrich...n I simply ADORE IT!!...the bronze outlines of the roses against the dark brown background gives the whole room a romantic feel. seriously looking like a 6 star hotel. Hmmm should i place a couch in front of the TV in front of the bed like a typical suite room? It's quite a nice idea but may take up a bit of space. but more impt, go where dig money? Now the next step is to search n buy furniture. So far, we've bought a Samsung Washing machine from late night shopping at favourite place-- MUSTAFA. my goodness, that washer cost onli $299!!!!!!!...freaking cheap lor. Harvey sells for $549! we just had to order it n it was sent the next afternoon. I must say i'm very impressed by Mohammed Mustafa Transport services!haha..order at midnite n next day delivers! Washers these days also quite a lot of functions..from controlling water levels, to child lock to SILVER IONS (Which of coz, being people of the Y generation, we will have em! to kill the bacteria!)


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