Monday, June 18, 2007

Rest & Relax

We bought a sofa bed at THe White Collection at Great World City today. Intention was to go Lifestorey but the things there are freaking ex! The sofa bed will be here on Wednesday! n good! $299 onli. Finally saw a sofa that we both like at Funktion @ Air division at's a normal number but the fabric is pretty nice. Very excited the following days. Later today will be going for 2nd fitting and then tmw colouring my hair..Should i do red?!FAVOURITE!..then thurs i'd be off to bkk with hubby to do up his him a handsome sweetiepie! Hope he is as excited as me. somehow the frequency just ain't the same at times. Getting a bit burnt out with stuff at home and with money. It's really no joke having a home, a wedding and a family who depends on u! wonder my dearest said he doesn't want kids....issit for real? It'd be realli nice to have a little boy and girl to rough it out with........guess until my dearest gives the green light, I might just have to live with Me, Myself and I. :-(..Did loads of furniture shopping tdy. went Park Mall (super ex)...Molecule (super ex)....and Homefix (got the numberings for our door!....when will I will 4D?!)...should be excited except that dearest has to end the night with a qn for me: "should i accept an overseas posting for a few yrs if it is to a country where expenses will be low? Thus can save more for our future?"....dont really know how to answer that qn. The expected non-petty answer is of coz "yes". I mean as a wife, u should stand by your man in whatever decision he makes. and It's really touching to know that he thinks for the future..on the other hand, which girl wants the man to tink of leaving her esp after marriage! Wish men can think like women n vice versa GOSH what will I do without him? no one to cuddle n watch DVD one to rub my sore muscles after a one to cook one to bitch with.n most importantly, NO One to have sex with for years?...gosh! i dont think i can handle that ba...haha...hopefully he does bring me along if that really happens. however, how to survive just base on one person's pay? With the higher standard of living in Singapore these days....N it's really silly to leave such a beautifully decorated house!! n not to mention after spending hell lot of $ on it. If I'm left to fend for myself alone, i foresee myself crying everyday. Sigh..Not easy being women of the millenium. When will these men understand?? No wonder they say Men r fm Mars, Women r fm Venus.


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