Saturday, December 01, 2007

200 Pound Beauty-- Solid

Great Show! Watched it with apprehension initially. Thought it'd be some bimbotic show, but towards the end, my tears just rolled down uncontrollably! It's about this fat gal trying to win the love of this handsome hunk (DROOL) secretly. .The poor thing is always ostrocized by public for being fat. Finally she can't take it and went for an overall plastic surgery. It was a massive op that the surgeon did not want to do it for her! but she managed to blackmail him as he was her customer in phone sex!hahaha... Apart from being a phone sex operator, Hanna (the gal's name) was also a back singer. She sang behind the screens whilst the actual beautiful n slim singer went on stage. Pooor ger! Finally she transformed but alas! her hunk didn't like the idea of plastic surgery! She lost herself and become too engross in this "slim" world. To hide her past identity, she even didn't want to acknowledge her mentally ill father. Finally, on the day of her concert, she broke down n admitted her shame. That was so damn touching la! Must watch with your love ones! even my darling sobbed!!!

PS: Must we always be obsessed with materialistic items and superficial stuff like outter beauty and being slim??


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