Saturday, December 01, 2007

Twinkle Twinkle LUCKY Stars -- "the Choice" Vouchers

Never in my life have i ever won something this big! Soon after the wedding, I received a call from best denki saying I won the 1st prize!. it's $8k!! worth of vouchers la.....anti climax but it's still good stuff! We can use it at Cold Storage, Giant, Guardian, Photo Finish and Market Place! Exciting rite? n in time too for the new year n all the forthcoming housewarmings! However, they are expiring in May 2008. Sux rite? Let me win in October, present to me in December and expect me to use $8k by May? Crazy. The solution? SELL! earn $$ for my shopping trip in US!

Any takers? they are going at 10% discount and in denominations of $20. email me at if interested! (PS: Have bought tobacco and alchohol with it, no problem. )


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