Saturday, May 23, 2009

Finding Nemo

It's 3:04am. I'm perspiring in this amazingly humid weather. Insomnia. Wrote down a list of things I am hoping to achieve. Need to settle loads of shit.

1)M1 billed me for some ridiculous Value Added Services again. This is the 2nd time such a thing happened. The last time, they told me they were commissioned by a 3rd party to do so and are not able to interfere should the 3rd party decides to charge me for the service rendered. However, the "service" was a mere sms featuring an advertisement! and if you choose to ignore, apparently, you'd be charged! You must in fact, scroll down to the end of the sms and unsubscribe the "service" It's a scam! How can a legitimate and reputable firm like M1 allow such things to prevail? They are so gonna get it from me tmw!

2) 2nd bothersome thing on the itinerary: To fax over the apology letter sent to me by Comfort Delgro to AIG. Some time back, an idiotic driver squeezed past my car in an attempt to overtake me on a busy street. It was obviously an impossible task since he was behind me. However, he made a relentless attempt and finally managed to be in front of me, not without giving my dear car a good scratch. His rude attitude did not help in the situation. After a minor argument, I took down his carplate number, wrote a letter of complaint and got him fired! I'm sorry if he has an army to feed, but this is a civilised society and we should treat our fellow beings with respect! That happened on 29 June 2008 and I have long forgotten (ok, that's a lie, i'm living in guilt each day for causing him and his family to starve!). Anyway, just the other day, I was informed by AXA that they are unable to retrieve my NCD (A bonus for being a good driver with clean record and not making any claims) from AIG. Apparently, Comfort Delgro has decided to place a claim against my insurance policy and I was not told! A quick check with my agent and he said it's INDUSTRY PRACTICE! The two insurance companies will settle between themselves and customers will not be informed unless it calls for a court case. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! If I had not changed motor insurance company, i would never have known why my NCD had become zero! They are such assholes! On the one hand they've apologised and claimed to have fired the driver, on the otherhand, they lodge a claim for damages! Imagine, if I had not been a law-abiding citizen and reported the matter immediately after the minor scratch, I would have been maligned! Thankfully, the government made it mandatory for drivers to make such a report, regardless of the magnitude of the accident. I'm so not gonna take this lying down for if AIG loses and have to pay damages, I would have to reimburse AXA the discount they've given me base on my previous NCD.

In other news, the gang just went on a dive trip last wkend. Didn't join them coz i had better things to do. They left on Friday night, and were back on Sunday night. Geez, what a rush. The photos, however, turned out really good. Lo and behold the creatures of the sea!

It's a bird! It's a plane, it''s...I think it's just Fatty!
Beauty and Jaws Wannabe?

Man overboard!

I'm awestruck by the stupendous view of the school of fishes! Nature at its best.
Picturesque is an understatement. Words cannot describe the beautiful and untouched scenery underwater.
Ok, I don't really know who is the clown, but judging by the tummy, my guess is -- FATTY! again! haha..this time acting like Superman?

Presenting -- The dancing mermaid!
Fortunately no one was too entranced by the scintillating scnery that they stepped on this little monster. The result would have been devastating!

It is indeed a welcome relief to have the sea breeze blown in their faces. I can only count down to my retail retreat in June. Coming soon! YEAH! I'm just praying that the trip won't be preceded by anything out of the ordinary. Please dear God, ensure that all is calm and safe, I REALLY NEED TO GO ON THIS BREAK!!


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