Sunday, May 10, 2009

Give stress wings and let it fly!

The rendezvous has ended. Baby is back. His attempt to psycho me into fetching him from the airport at 6am failed as sleep seemed like a better option. However, to be honest, I wanted to surprise him and pick him up, thereafter do some marketing (I've never been to market that early, thus thought it'd be "fun"). But, cousin-in-law beat me to it and I ended up sleeping through. Well almost. Coz at 6am, it's like a clock was within me, telling me that sweetie had touched down. After tossing for almost an hour, I got worried, especially since it was pouring gorillas and hyenas. What's taking him so long I asked myself. Why isn't he back yet?? Can't help having such feelings when he is the only pillar of my life (apart from my parents that is). CLICK! at 7am, the familiar scent drifted into the masterbed room. My sweetie was back. It's as though we've parted for 5 months and not 5 days. It's strange, considering the fact that we've been together for so long. Perhaps it's just me.

Anyway, thereafter, I could not get back to sleep. Wonder if it's coz of the excitement. Energised, I decided to do some marketing. By my block, there's a small wet market. Very convenient, but not exactly cheap. Bought a whole chicken for $9!! The lady said it's a SAKURA Chicken! I wanted to laugh. SAKURA? from Japan?haha....Went home and started boiling soup! Yes, by 9am everything was very much in place. Scouring the wkend papers, I savoured the brief moment of surrealism. Then, it poured once more. I took a long stare at the rain and was overwhelmed. It's been a long while since I've paused and admire the rain, and at this moment, i felt the view was picturesque.

Was so pleased that by 810am, I've done a couple of chores. Waking early does have its benefits.
Sweetie brought home loads of chocolates. Apparently, they've been hibernating in his uncle's Australia fridge..hmm..I'd better check its expiry date!
It was a spontaneous decision to cook as sweetie took a nap (which eventually turned into a long doze) Thinking that he might have missed my cooking, I whipped up a simple meal which could already whet his appeitite. WELL WISHFUL THINKING ON MY PART! He later told me that he had a whole abalone whilst in Perth and had lamb chops and steaks with two others. That meal cost $400!!! WTF....To think that I'm here teasing my tastebuds with instant noodles! Grrr. Didn't want to wake him up. The relax mode he was so used to hasn't worn out. at 2pm, I could take it no longer and shook him up, else we'd be wasting the day! I actually napped twice in the interim. After lunch, I wanted to have some US time and perhaps go to LIFESTOREY's 1st warehouse sale at Tai Seng. However, he announced that he was going for soccer. Not wanting to burst the bubble and be disappointed by the answer he was gonna give me, I suggesting asking the boys home for dinner. Afterall, how are the both of us gonna finish that bigass SAKURA chick?
Whilst he was away on the field, there was a moment where I was walking aimlessly in my home. I was lost. I had too much time! WOW! tried to sleep, but to no avail, instead, developed a throbbing headache. GRrrr. So on i went on to manoeuvre the clove of garlic. Was craving for Herbal chicken, thus treated myself to it. To balance the diet, I had a plate of kangkong (they call it morning glory in Thailand..wonder why!). It was a successful 2nd attempt. The first was a tat too salty. In addition, I had a pot of lotus soup held tantalisingly close to my mouth. Sweetie always complains I add too much ingredients, wasting a lot of $$..but when he slurps it up and asks for more, he knows that it's all worthwhile.
Today's dinner was a success once again. All dishes were wolfed down and the plates were spotlessly clean! The night wouldn't be complete without a dessert. Mangoes are in season and I couldn't resist buying em yesterday when I was already lugging 6 bags of groceries from Parkway to Katong! Yes, I walked! Madness! All because I wanted to save some parking and had an errand to run at Katong. Nevertheless, it was a blessing for without this arrangement, I would not have chanced upon those sweet and juicy mangoes going at 5 for $10! Not very cheap by my standards but when it went into our mouths, I knew it was all worth it. Our tastebuds simply exploded in utter delight!

The day would have been perfect if not for some people getting back to me late, screwing my schedule tomorrow. The day was made worse when I received a sad news. A student's mom is down with Brain cancer! Was shocked when I learnt about it. The mother seems so strong, always going to work and taking care of the needs of her 4 children. She's the envy of most women. 4 smart children and an ambitious and rich hubby. She made sure they received the best in life, their vitamins and bugging them to study hard. I knew she was going through some health problems as she was admitted to the hospital previously but I didn't know it was that bad. Life is too unpredictable to live by a schedule it seems. You don't know what will hit you. No one can write his autobiography in adance. These perhaps are due to stress. I mean this lady, together with my close friend who was hit by breast cancer previously(THank God she recovered!) have something in common. They have to juggle work and family simultaneously. That's stressful! They have my total respect and in fact, I feel so small next to them. Amidst their health problems, they still put on a cheery face and ensure that things run smooth. N yet, when I'm ploughed with tons of books, I complain of stress. It is stress no doubt, but how do these amazing women do it then? Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness. In today's society, we are all SICK in the head! I wish stress has wings and can fly away. Stress is the trash of modern life -- we all generate it but if you don't dispose of it peoperly, it will pile up and overtake your life.

My heart is heavy. I can only pray that all would be smooth and she'll be well again.


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