Friday, May 08, 2009

The universe revolves around me!

My room has been taken over by BOOKS! All those homework submitted to me are accumulating and screaming for me to do something about them! It's the exam period and I'm engulfed in an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. Hope they all do well and all these effort is worth it! Been teaching from day till night ....extended hours....whilst sweetie is in Australia whacking balls (no pun intended) with cousin-in-law who seems to have endless amount of time. Don't you just envy such people? The jealousy (which i'm entitled to) evaporates as I move along in lonliness. To seek some meaningful forms of indulgence amidst the chaos, I took a really long and relaxing bath (after a few mths of not doing so!) on Wednesday. The feeble pleasure totally enveloped me! With a magazine in one hand and a drink in the other, u can't help but go Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

A while later (at approximately 12midnight), friend came over for supper and a drink. He was plagued with relationship problems and I was more than willing to lend a listening ear. After cheese prata and 3 cans of beer, we found ourselves still chatting like no tomorrow. It's really nice to be in great company and to know that your presence matters. This emo side of me probably exuding due to my attention-deprived life. Though I must say, I chose to have such a lifestyle now, thus should not be wallowing in self-pity. In anycase, back to the problems which he is embroiled in.'s not important for you to know, but my fren, if you are reading, you should seriously Snap out of it! Don't hang around with such a **** who says one thing but does another. It's tiring to be guessing what the other party wants. It's even more exhausting if he/ she is your ultimate love. Do something about it, else you'd be stuck in this never-ending vortex of frustration and endurance. Think about it.

Below are some pictures of what I've been doing over the wk:Delicious Fish soup!! Bought from Serangoon Ave 2. My Ultimate Favourite!
This wasn't exactly this wk, but I just had to share! It's crab-meat (REAL crab meat!) kway pie ti! Heavenly! $3.80 for 5 pcs available at Chomp Chomp
Indulgence time.......That's kiwi scrub in case you are wondering what slime i'm using.
Envious?..Probably not? The thirst for ME-time was amazingly high. relaxing in the waters with sentimentals played in the background really makes a person's level of endorphine shoot up!on a separate note, two pairs of shoes (VERY NICE ONES) gave way within a wk! I can't believe it! sigh.....M reluctant to spend a bomb on beautiful shoes at Peddar Red or Ninewest...M trying to support local designers (the grey pair was bought from Haji Lane), n yet, this is the crappy quality I get in return!!


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