Sunday, August 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Singapore!!


44 years. that's how old my nation is. Amazing, how it first started off as a small little island called Temasek. Who could have imagined how this little country grown into such a mini metropolitan state. The future often supersedes all things past. To many, especially the young, almost everything old or old-fashioned is increasingly becoming stuffy and irrelevant -- to be tolerated, not appreciated. We must realise that these same people are the "glue" that binds and sustain our society in an intangible but no less imporant manner.

Not sure why I'm lamenting about bonds but am feeling somethin slowly creeping in. AGE. Wanted to call it a mid-life crisis, but am not THAT OLD! 1/3 life crisis perhaps. Nevertheless, in my relentless pursuit for progress and excellence, many things seem obsolete. What have you achieved to date? Have you ever asked yourself that question? I've been deliberating over this issue for days and sad to say, I'm not too proud of the status. Perhaps like what A says is right. I'm an over-achiever. haha. He's too kind and generous with his words. Look at Singapore, then look at yourself.

If anything, today proved to be a fulfilling day.

Woke up bright an early and headed to Tampines One. Finally had the time to explore this new mall. The verdict? Nothing fantastic. It's just another mall. Surprisingly, it was not packed with hordes of busy buyers pushing and shoving around. Am horribly missing the US of A at this juncture!!! I've ballooned and would love to revamp my wardrobe (which gal doesn't right?) but due to budget constraints, I can only be satisfied with what I currently own.
With the array of shops, I was lost in the jungle. Felt like a little bird groping around. Euphoria was seeping into my veins, spreading throughout my body! When was the last time I went out physically to shop? hmm.....a mth ago if i'm lucky.

Everywhere seemed to be celebrating the nation's birthday with sales, sales and more sales! My best deal was a bootcut white pants from G2000. Retailing at $59, it was only $29 today with additional 20%! "Take additional" -- a phrase sweetie and I looked fwd to whilst trotting and ploughing through the outlets in the States!
Without realising, we spent 4hours at the malls! Unbelievable for a person like sweetie. However, the bulk of our time was spent running errands like topping up supplies and settling our home cable plan.

Along the way, I saw this really funny little shop named "Pie Kia". In hokkien, that would mean naughty child or in other words a gangster! haha.....Finally, HOME SWEET HOME! This is life. Me and my magazine, a cup of tea and some music in the background. Wish everyday could be this good!

A Race against time. Gonna walk you down the time machine into what happened last Monday. I know, I'm constantly in the battle to upkeep with time. Shamefully, I failed. I annoy myself to no end, but I guess I'll just have to come to terms with it or seek greater discipline.........
Sweetie's cousin's wedding @ the Amara Sanctuary Sentosa. Was made to go alone as sweetie suddenly contracted the Fever and cough. He was given a total of 4 days Medical leave! Suspected H1N1, but was tested negative. PHEW. What a relief!
So anyway, off I went ALONE to the wedding. You can't imagine how freaked out I was to be faced with a sea of strangers (the bride and groom didn't even know who I was and I don't blame them!) ! Fortunately, my sis-in-law was with me the whole time. Was seated at the table with familiar faces and was at ease. Bride had 3 march-ins. Their speeches were extremely long but touching. The family took turns to cry. First, the bride's sis, then the bride and finally her dad. Such instances make me regret not making a long Oscar award speech during my own wedding. I guess some may even deem me as unfilial for not thanking my parents for nurturing me and loving me. But come on! I'm still around with them, it's not like in the past where brides are sold or married off and can't go back home! In anycase, the speech was so touching my father-in-law thinks it's taken off some poem from the net! haha

Food was pretty decent though many said that the food served at my wedding was the best! I couldn't agree more! PLease someone please hold it there again so that I can sink my teeth in the cod fish or the crab claw once more!! However, the fish at Armara was cold by the time we could enjoy it.....coz the happy couple was indulging in their moment on stage!
The steamed duck was less than appetising. Lacks marination. Service wise could be better. The replenishment of beverage was not meticulous enough. Was penning down all these on the feedback form and before I could finish writing, the waitress took it away without my permission! I didn't even manage to leave my name! Guess they know of my reputation! haha
Highlight was this interesting dish -- Wasabi mayo Prawn with crispy potato. At first look of the menu, I thought crispy potato meant potato chips! It was indeed crispy and I was pleasantly intrigued. Suffice to say, the dish was something that cannot be sufficiently encapsulated by words.

Zipping back to a time not too long ago, sweetie and I went for a sinful supper last night at Hong Kong Cafe along east coast road. The salt and pepper calamari was delectable! Really appreciate the times I get to spend with sweetie. Am truly blessed.

Inspired by last night's supper, I whipped up a similar meal today! Above: Instant noodles with pork chop and below -- Salt & pepper calamari -- Not an easy dish to prepare though. Added a few old scars to my collection. OUCH!
Time well spent today. Managed to catch the national day parade on television. Something which I had not done in a long long time! Shopping, TV, cooking -- these are things which are out-of-reach luxury as one intertwines with life.

Now, back to preparing for a long day tmw!

PS: Yes, most will be having fun as it's a public holiday, but often, such holidays means more work for me!


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