Sunday, August 16, 2009

Youth Olympics Countdown

It's been a rather exciting wkend. Short no less. Starting with being somewhat involved in the celebrations of the YOG countdown. It was officially 365 days before the games starts. 363 techinically at this point of blogging. It's a big moment for Singapore and I'm proud that my baby is involved. In fact, in today's National Day Rally Speech given by PM Lee Hsien Loong, he urged the nation to be more involved in the 2010 Youth Olympics and highlighted that there should be more volunteers.

Right after my last stop, I zoomed home to park the car before embarking on a once familiar journey, on board a nostalgic mode of transport -- the MRT! When was the last time I took a train. Can't recall. The torture of jostling and nudging fellow passengers during peak hours have become a
2010 -- A year for Singapore to Remember!

Was just in time for the countdown. Sweetie was such a joker when he texted me saying that the whole nation's waiting for me to spark offl those fireworkz. Speaking of which, pay close attention to the fireworkz display and its "effects" on our Singapore flag. A very bad omen I must say to have fire propelled at a country's flag. Worse yet, the flag had a huge hole when it caught fire!

It's either me or a really huge generation gap happening. What in the world is this dance all about? Doesn't look aesthetic at all!
Amidst the crowd.
Tummy was rumbling by the time the celebrations ended. Trudged down to Cityhall but was disappointed, almost exasperated to realise that Soup Spoon was no longer there! Economic crisis kicking in? I don't think so! PM Lee said that the eye of the crisis is over and judging by the crowd we saw at every restaurant, I seriously wonder why Singaporeans are so nonchalent about the economic affairs of the state. Found the least patronized joint and decided to give it a chance. The name sounds sleazy I know.

The decor was a tat too tacky.
The food was, however pretty palatable. Particularly the piping seafood hotpot. It's one serving but it's more than enough for two! Below was our appetizer -- Salt & Pepper Silver Fish. Was far from delectable as I could hardly taste the salt & pepper!

An interesting use of glass. Wonder where they got that...China perhaps as the place was "infested" with inefficient Chinese waitresses. Ironic, given that the service rendered in their country was a far cry when I visited years ago (they would run to your side even before you snap your fingers). The receptionist doubled up as a server and order taker. It was tough catching the attention of the limited staff. When it came to bill payment, they seemed oblivious too. I stood by the counter, all ready to receive the bill when suddenly, the receptionist who was attending to me pounced on some Caucasian customers. Sheez. Such attitude seems prevalent amongst the Chinese! Disgusted! Intolerable! Shouldn't all customers be treated as equals?

On with life on Sunday......

Remember this? Daddy dearest's 60th bday pressie? Finally found the time to deliver it to him.
What will I do without my handy man aka Sweetie. He's a gem, helping to fix up the TV. Dad was grinning from ear to ear. I know he's sweetened in the heart.Mom was quite a pain. Using pyschological and emotional tactics on me, just for a free ride home. Was telling her I'd wait for her at home whilst setting up the TV as we were rather pressed for time since Sweetie had his regular soccer game this afternoon. But despite my explanation, she pouted as I didn't want to pick her up from her church which was a 10min drive away from my home. Unfilial I hear you? Well, I was punished by being stuck in "traffic" for almost 20 mins. not withstanding the fact that I had to wait for her service to end which amounted to a total of 20mins of wait time! Fortunately, sweetie did not complain. Been a while since I ate with my family, thus I brought them to this coffeeshop at Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Blk 233 for Beef Kway Teow. I'm not a fan of beef. Somehow, the smell doesn't appeal to me. Not even the best steaks would entice me. Dad was clearly pleased to have a meal with me. mom as usual went on telling us how nice some other beef kway teow at some part of Singapore is and that this stall isn't the best. She was rambling on and on about the same thing. Annoyance built up and I really hope she'll snap out of it. Kindof worrying as it's a sign of aging perhaps. Speaking of which, dad's hair seem to be thinning significantly. He insists that it's coz he just had a haircut. Denial. His reflexes aren't fast too. Gave him a couple of instructions which he didn't hear till I shouted. Literally. I pray he'd be more alert and be healthy.
Was back home at 3pm and instantly did what a wife should do -- CHORES. Handwashed and ironed my clothes. mopped the floor -- something which I don't usually do! Menial tasks are left to sweetie. However, I thought I needed some exercise, thus the nice gesture. :-) Right after the "good workout" I plunged onto my sofa and dozed off almost instantaneously. Rewarded myself with a my favourite Soft Shell Crab Miso Pasta @ Coffee Club, which was surprisingly empty for a wkend. Where's everyone?

now, here I am, trying to kick off some work for the new week. Can't help wondering why each wkend seems shorter than the last. Can't wait for Novemeber. What's happening?

That's for me to know and for YOU to find out! haha


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