Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Singapore Idol?

This blog is lacking in updates!! Not due to any writer's block, but more of a time warp! so much is happening and I can't seem to keep up. They say studying is tough, but I think being an educator, a wife, a daughter and ME is tough. Totally disorganised. Concocting a whole lot of excuses to cover up my disabilities. Insanely despicable! Should just be a man/ woman and face the music.

The wkend, as usual, came and went. Admittedly, it wasn't an ideal and productive one, but nevertheless, I did lots. Marked a pile (which I'm extremely proud of), however, today, at the start of the wk, a new pile heaps up. Sigh. Chaos reigned on a Monday. Schedule for the wk isn't looking very stable. Did a ton of housework, no matter how minute it may seem. In the eyes of my baby, he's probably viewing his share as more toilsome and arduous. Well, TOO BAD! You are the man, so get the mop and start cleaning up! I must say, sweetie has been a gem when it comes to such onerous menial task. I do my part too and I think it's only fair that in today's society, both parties share the wearisome burden of keepin the home decent. Wouldn't wana end up being like my parents. Seriously wonder how they can live in such a pig sty! Hopelessly incorrigible!

The highlight of the wkend must have been our version of Singapore Idol. In celebration of couple of August babies, the gang met up for a feast at the quaintest place where you'd find food. Amidst the vast mass of HDB flats at Commonwealth Drive, lies a "village" of food stalls. Each packed with people! Had a tough time finding that place though. The food scored. Particularly the butter pork. Unique! Must try to cook it one day! For desserts, we adjourned to KTV. A bit of a sing-along session to ease those stress. I'm not a singer myself (i've always pride myself as a duck over the mic), however, it's a real joy to be a listener. It's been eons since I went Partyworld @ Shenton and boy did their rooms change! Not as sleazy as before and the air seems fresher (coz smoking is not limited to outside the building! YEAH!

Lame "clappers" to entertain. Cheapo lookin stuff. Guess where it is made in? No prizes for correct answers though.
Interesting effect...love my E71! The ingenuity of technology!


Bday boy can Sing!

I'm your ever supportive fan my dear!

Truly an idol in the making, unfortunately not Singapore Idol.
This babe can really Sing! DROOL....

"Jay Chou" in the house..Groovy


WenniAw said...

haha Siang needs to learn new songs

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