Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Catching up

I realise that my patience is thinning these days. WIth time, I've become cynical. Wonder if it's due to irresponsible people that are plaguing this society. Am supposed to be having my practicum examination today @ 10am but alas, at 940am I received an sms from the school saying that the trainer is down with fever and diarrhoea thus lesson's cancelled. By then, I was already on the road. Been facing an enormous challenge of juggling with my life over the past few weeks. With several major exams happening, it doesn't help that my exams are also lurking round the corner. Irresponsible I say. No wonder the trainer got fired from her previous school! Imagine the agony of those students who had to travel a great distance just to be there for lessons, only to be notified at the eleventh hour. It is no fault of the management's though. I recall the trainer being sacarstic to some of us on the first lesson, saying that we all have a life to run outside school, we just have to adjust and be responsible to cope with the homework given. Hmmm...guess she's not doing what she's preaching! So much for enlightenment. Imagine the opportunity cost involved.....I could have salvaged more students if it weren't for her irresponsible act. The school will hear from me once I get my certification!

On the other hand, the little pocket of time allowed me to catch up with my work and blogging. :-) As I ensconced myself in a comfortable chair, feelings seem to be at a low ebb. Perhaps because the lull period is kicking in. Perhaps of the uncertainty that 2010 brings. Perhaps because of the buttock paresthesia (which was so bad one night I could barely stand) or migraine (which was so bad I had to pop panadol to ease the discomfort...something I hardly do despite the pain), which i've been having recently. Infinite possiblilities. Gonna go for a check soon. With a sickening jolt, I'm channeling my energy to more positive vibes -- FOOD! haha

A delicacy for supper. Had some leftover sharksfin and crabmeat lying around in my freezer thus I decided to whip up a little sharksfin soup for sweetie and I. What can I say? I live a life of luxury! haha
This is way overdue, not that it matters. Was on a food escapade last month. It was seafood for consecutive weeks. Overdose? NAH! This time, it's crab porridge @ Joo Chiat. A quaint little place which sees people from all walks of life pouring in. People of different skin colour were swamping that place! Some were even having their F1 VIP tags.
Been a while since I had claypot rice. I know, it's calorie-laden, but I don't care! I ate the last morsel fro my bowl. The double boiled soup was heavenly. Infused with all kinds of ingredients, each individual pot (as seen in the picture above) is left to simmer in a huge pot (as seen in the first set of pictures). I don't think I'm able to replicate such palatable standards.

The highlight of the day! Crab Porridge! The first pot was so mind-blowing, we ordered another pot to share. unfortunately, the second round was a tat disappointing. Soup wasn't as thick as the first. There was also no roe in the first. The shell was suspiciously clean. Upon questioning, the lady boss tried to sell us the idea that the roe and whatever's within the crab has infused into the soup. Ya right! In the end, realising that we were not a bunch of idiots, she gave us a discount.

On a different note, the latest TVB drama I'm after is about a how a tuition teacher named Queen Ace whose task is to mould a trio who's absolutely hopeless when it comes to studying. Their aim -- to obtain 20 points for their upcoming examinations (somewhat like our O levels). The show is truly inspiring to all teachers and portrays how HongKong is building up the tutoring image. Imagine if I were to be teaching there, i'd probably be a superstar! haha...A totally different realm from Singapore where I work like a dog.

*Horrified gasp* Time flies! Time to steel myself for action!


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