Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lip Service

Ever wonder why people pay you lip service? Well, it's a question I've been dabbling with like forever. @ every point in life, I'm sure things like these happen. Perhaps it's a student telling you she'll work hard (but she's probably working harder at Facebooking or Msn-ing or woo-ing the boy next door); or perhaps a relative or friend who say they'll help but you wait and wait, and the help never came. Recently I met with such incident. Planning on going on a trip this November and am in need of some details. Was conversing with a parent one day and he mentioned that he had tons of contacts (friendly? Helpful? Showoff? You be the judge) and would source hotels and email me the contact numbers. I waited. And waited. On our next meeting, he actually asked "So have you booked your hotel? It's kindof late already you know. If you have not book, you may not get a room!" MY GOODNESS! THE AUDACITY of saying such thing in my face?! Feigning innocence, I smiled and replied in a horrified gasp "oh you've emailed me already?".....Profoundly confused by human nature.

Fortunately, sweetie who is the skeptical one, has booked us a nice villa. VILLA! Delirious with JOY!

Fast forward to the last couple of days....

MONDAY....Sweetie took a day off due to DEEPAVALI...went for a game of golf; rejuvenated himself by breathing in the fresh air laced with dew whilst his other half ie ME, was having a great time slogging! Coz of that, my feelings were at a low ebb and I lambasted him for being an ass...Below was his punishment

OUCH! I'm kidding! A sweet little wifey like me wouldn't do that would I?? haha......We went for a nice massage but he ended up doing a traditional 拔罐 and ended up with the bruises. It supposedly will allow your blood to flow better. The Chinese believe that the reason for having aches and pain is due to the fact that your blood circulation's not good. Thus, you'd need to get rid of the "bad vessels" and "wind" to stimulate new Growth. The westerners believe that it's all a build up of lactic acids due to anerobic respiration!


I've never felt so good. Mugged the entire night for my forthcoming exams this Tuesday till 4am the previous night (I should have started earlier but alas, there's simply not enough time! PS: For those who are wondering and interested, I'm doing a diploma in Creative Writing. "Why" was a question posed by many. Upgrading and elevating my status I guess? Learning should never be stagnant and one should always continually seek for knowledge. Would love to take up more courses, but am plagued by monetary, time and physical constraints) Anyway, I slept like no tomorrow. The sun filtered through my windows and an indescribable feeling engulfed me when I saw that the clock read 11am! Woohoo!! I never had a day off on Saturdays. This was the first time in this YEAR! Sad but true! I never knew Saturdays could be this good! Was very productive straight after clambering out of bed. Went for breakie with sweetie and wanted to visit SHELL to pump up on petrol as they were having a great promotion today-- $1 per litre! Hordes of Singopreans were queueing for it. There were even police directing traffic due to the congestion. Amazing array of cars you see. From a little MINI to BMW or Merc. The crowd did not dwindle after lunch, thus sweetie and I decided not to be a typical Singaporean.

Went over to Autobay @ Kahki Bukit to change our brake lights. The sweltering heat of the merciless sun was killing me but we had to do it. I felt terribly unsafe with my brake lights not functioning. Thereafter, we went for our car inspection. Impromptu. Was very impressed by the automation at the Car inspection centre. Wasn't too impressed with the price though. Cost me a whopping $63 for a mere 5 minute inspection!

THe rest of the day drifted past lazily. Was trying to mug further, but ended up drifting into a seista. Guilt inundated shame like an epidemic breakout.

The highlight of the night:

Went with couple of friends to Sunset Grill. Service tonight was real slow and bad. The waiter spilt wine sauce on my friend. there wasn't any service recovery. Only a mere SORRY. Guess we can't fault him. People make mistakes. Had loads of food ranging from calamaris, white wine mussels, button mushrooms, the infamous Level 3 Chicken wings (that was spicy enough for most of us) to ribs, pork ribs and pasta...THAT's A LOT OF FOOD! I had to ensure I made space for dessert. Who could miss the warm brownie served with a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream? I stepped out, rubbing my round tummy and licking my choc-covered lips with utmost satisfaction. :-) I'm a happy girl.

Now on with mugging!


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