Monday, October 19, 2009

Do you know the moral of the story?

The wkend had been steaming. The sun seems to be beating on us mercilessly with a vengeance every single day! Perhaps in celebration of Deepavali? Long wkend, i don't have one. What's new.

The week started off as an exciting one. But I soon realise I can't count my chickens before they are hatched (you'll see why). In celebration of our 3rd anniversary, sweetie and I visited a quaint little place nestled in a rather peculiar corner of Singapore. It is slated as one of Singapore's best? better? restaurants.

Infuzi @ Biopolis; Don't be deceived by the seemingly romantic's not as impressive as you think. Cozy but rather average looking furnishings apart from the intricate lamp. Definitely doesn't match up to the price of the food. Service was great (partly because there were absolutely no one except us at one point in time! The whole night, there were only two tables occupied! Sad case.Interesting structured lamp engineered by glass bottles!

Was overcome by feeling of elation when sweetie said he was impressed and is savouring every morsel of his food. He isn't one who is too keen on trying out new stuff. Stagnant is his middle name and comfort zone is his home. Amongst the many appetizers, you'd see my favourite Lobster bisque with brand cream! Absolute Heavenly! They were so nice...seeing that I did not order any other appetizers except the soup, they gave me a free mini appetizer as sweetie was having his! Sweet.

Our Mains -- Lobster Pasta (ME); and Steak (HIS) pasta looked like instant noodles on first look, but i was delirious with joy upon taking my first bite. THe taste was absolutely out of this world! Quaintessentially garlic and oil combination. Infused with some kind of herb and flavoured oil, this dish is certainly hard to replicate at home! haha....the lobster chunks however were a little tough. Sweetie's steak according to him, was nice, but average.
Had an intense craving for sweet stuff, thus ordered us a Chocolate dessert. Delectable. The well baked crust was wrapping around a lava of chocolate, waiting to ooz out of the cake. My verdict: AWESOME! My throbbing headache did not dissipate after my hour long massage prior to the dinner. Ordered a pot of Camomile tea and my body and head instinctively struck a cord with the floral scent. It was further affirmed when I felt that my head throbbed no more!

Fast forward mode......

Obviously inspired by the wonderful dinner we had at Infuzi, sweetie decided to replicate the feast on Saturday. Thus, together with cousins-in-law, we whipped up a kickass meal!

Clam in white wine and a host of weird concoction; homemade mash potato (love it to bits!); Creamy broccoli and butter mushroom (which has too much Vinaigrette) + some Red Wine to pair the meal with.....

Steak. Medium.
Chicken chop. well Done! haha...hmm I'm certainly piling up fats in the most undesirable ways!

Saturday came and left......along came Sunday.....

PEDDER was having SALE! Together with C, we went for the attack! There was a multitude of colours and designs to choose from. However, the selection of bags was rather disappointing. Quality of some were also disheartening. How can someone treat such precious bag in that manner? Some were frayed whilst others were dirtied. Discounts were amazingly attractive. between 40 - 80% discount! Unheard-of-luxury for brands like McQueen, Givenchy, Lanvin, Marc Jacob and many more. I was pretty convinced that I'd get something for a steal! no sooner did I conjure that thought did I consume the temptation of shoes. I was coerced into buying.........

I had to! Each detail is painstakingly put together, possibly by hand! It was calling out to me! No sin in that right? Given that it's 70% off the retail price!!

Zipping to current time........

At this juncture when Sunday's coming to an end, one would think, what could go wrong? It had been such a fulfilling day, shopping and cooking. I did mention that there'd be a moral to the story. Empress Dowager had to call and piss me off. She's apparently not too pleased with me coz I did not return her call at midnight the day before! Overwhelmed. My soul is suffocating! Busy cannot seem to be in her dictionary. No compassion whatsoever. Upon explaining, she accused me of not caring for her and even said "What if I'm dying n u didn't pick up your phone?"! Human's psychology's really weird. Her world of black and white is completely reversed. Then she went on by accusing me of being too busy for P's forthcoming party, which I WAS NOT EVEN TOLD OF! Talk about respect. I blame no one but her, coz of her freaking attitude. Due to her quest of seeking attention, I was made profoundly embarrassed.

The greatest contributing factor in my relationship with dearest is the respect and love for each other. Likewise, communication is also an important key to sustain the relationship. This we are still on a constant struggle but have improved by leaps and bounds. If we want to walk this path together, we jolly well learn to give and take. So far, things have been well and each day is a learning journey. How I wish I could say the same thing for my relationship with Cixi. When will she ever learn that there's a limit to my patience?


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