Monday, March 01, 2010

Celebrations galore (PART 1)

Aches are oozing out of my every muscle fibre...That is not a hyperbole mind you. It's been an eventful week, I've been celebrating the fullness of life in all its glory and I'm in bad need of a break and a massage!

Starting with my 3X's been pretty quiet since the 21st. With the invent of Facebook, I think more are remembering my birthday. Advance greetings came as early as Wednesday. But it was close frens who really made the day extra special. Received a greeting from my "sis" whom I've lost touch since uni days. Thanks to FB, we found each other again and the love was rekindled. Special mention to this other friend who never fails to remember my birthday every year! At 3:05am this year, his sms came without fail. Since day one I met him at work, he never once failed to wish me on that day and we don't really stay in touch! PS: He doesn't believe in FB or msn, thus he has no form of reminders. That's the amazing bit!
Met up with H who bought me dinner at RamenTen @ Century Sq. It was surprisingly tasty. Somehow, it's difficult to find good Ramen in Singapore. The soup base was thick, with a milky tinge. The Tom Yum soup base was a tat too spicy for H who was gulping down her glass of green tea!
Celebrations on the actual day happened to coincide with the annual reunion luncheon with the gang. It made my bday extra special with over 30 pax singing the birthday song! Sometimes life plays its own tune and forces us to dance to it. So far, the tune has been melodious.

This year's lunch was at Carlton Hotel. Dim Sum was good (except the dessert-- Double Boiled Hashima) but selection was pathetic. There were only 2 pages (A5 size) of dim sum on the menu!
I was basking in glow...really feels like the 21!
Sweetie was a darling this year (mayb he's guilty that for all these years, he had not been putting much thoughts to special days like birthdays)...he bought me a Casio Exlim! Wasn't too smart though. texted me at midday telling me his friend is selling cameras at a good price and asked which model i'd like. I actually believed him and shortlisted two but said to decide later after we've looked into the aesthetics and technical specs. Alas, when i returned home, there was my present, wrapped in a haphazard manner (ok, at least you bothered! ...i'm touched. Truly). THANKS SWEETIE!

Another hot favourite pressie (given to myself) this year is this Valentino inspired hp pouch. Made specially by Jeanine. I've been a fan of her crafts but this has to be by far the most awesome purchase! The intricate details were so carefully sewn on!

Everything has been revolving around food. At night, sweetie brought me to a place which holds many fond memories for us -- Kallange indoor stadium. Went Brewerkz for dinner. Had the pan-fried cod which was pretty tasty albeit being a tat too salty. Sweetie's steak was blackened but otherwise good. Beverage -- He had his usual Golden Ale whilst I tried their new flavour which was made up of dragonfruit and honey...sounds really refreshing and you would mistake it for a fruit punch, but honestly I couldn't taste any honey/ was all alcohol if you ask me. Nevertheless, it was really nice to chill over a beer with someone you love.



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