Sunday, March 07, 2010

Recharged or overwhelmed?

Miss March is creeping in, waiting behind the curtains in anticipation like those catwalk models, praying fervently that they won't trip and fall on the runway. No wonder they say as u age, time seems to fly. How true. The day was peppered with relaxation, rejuvenation and nothingness. Was literally awoken by an itch. Incessant mosquito bites that is! Very annoyed and have since sprayed the room with listerine mixed with one part water. A concoction believed to scare those pests away! Anyway, with so much on my plate, I decided to cast everything aside and do close to nothing today! Things like organising and paperwork got put on the back burner. Managed to visit Maple to get my beauty supplies. Cleansers, AHAs, Sunblocks many items, but all add up to less than the La Mer eye cream! the price of beauty. Went over to X's new place after lunch...another new comer to Pasir Ris...seems like we won't be getting any neighbours as Pasir Ris is much more affordable. Fortunately we bought our place eons ago, else we'd be stuck with such dilemma too! Whiled the scorching afternoon away watching silly Stephen Chow show and treated myself to a Javanese massage which was overwhelming! Reason -- the masseuse was burping the whole time she massage me! A case of me having too much wind being passed on to her? Tried googling, but such logic didn't hold -- online at least. It was amazing. For 1.5hr, she was like a cow, emitting methane every single minute. The cacophony of burps left me really uncomfortable and for the first time ever, I did not doze off during my massage! The highlight of the day was such a letdown. :(

Fortunately, W & C brought little Chloe to brighten my day:

This little doll had her first haircut today...cost a whopping $20 for that little bit of hair!!

Haha, sweetie trying his hands on carrying a usual, he's chicken hands and duck legsBut with a bit of practice, he actually makes a pretty good daddy in practise :)

It's amazing that babies sleep so much. All they do is sleep, eat, drink, shit...the cycle goes on 24/7...sometimes we wish our day can be just as carefree!

Have not touched any book for the last 12 hrs...a little guilty but I deserve a break!


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