Friday, November 19, 2010

A day as a Star

Had a funfilled day @ One Fullerton today as a star. Well, not quite. An extra was more like it! haha Friend W & J were having their pre-wedding shots taken and some of us were roped in as extras. I must say, I'm rather bemused at how pre-wedding shots are these days. Loads of brainstorming and expensive overseas trips. Thank goodness I had mine way early, I don't think the hub and I can undergo such tedious episodes. What eludes me is how the bride is able to smile so radiantly at the end of the day. My evening shots were pretty stiff and the smile seemed plastered on my face. Rants aside, here's a peek at what happened behind the camera:

Chanced upon this structure whilst waiting for the happy couple. interesting concept. It's made of plastic Starbucks cups. Some parts even spin when the wind blows.

Looks pweety isnt it?

Look @ how professional the photograher was!

Hub and I were fooling around whilst they were doing the shoot. B had a pack of China Cigs, thus I used it as a prop for a shot. MISTAKE. The hub pursed his lips on the tip and B insisted that he take it. URGH! It's been a long while (at least to my knowledge) that he has picked up that nasty stick. Killing the bad habit for the sake of love and health has made me tremendously proud of him. Please don't go back to your old ways baby, I want you to grow old with me!

Presenting, the future Mr & Mrs L :) Ok we should probably wait for the professionally taken photos. Mine are so sub-standard! time to buy a DSLR? hmmm


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