Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya!

Having a strange feeling. Was really anticipating this public holiday, however, I was left lost. Was hoping to spend some quality time with the hubs, but the blistering heat left us with no choice but to stay home and bum around. Literally.

In some perverse way, I wanted more work. Then again, maybe not. I'm paralyzed with apprehension and self-doubt. I know, I'm incoherent and aimless. Asked F today, what keeps him motivated. If you thought that the answer was money, you are wrong. He said that it was that he's aimless. He doesn't know when he'd be satisfied thus he just keeps working. Asked the hubs the same question and guess what? The answer was the same! the hub's reply was he is motivated to have a place to stay and 3 square meals. A simple aim to attain so that one may die without regrets. I'm permanently scarred by the incessant chase for an aim and currently, I need some sign to move forward with. I'm reluctant to sort out my 2011 schedule coz I know things always have a way of screwing up once I do so.


My printer got resurrected for free! YEAH! ERrrrr Time for more work?

Went with the cousin-in-law for lunch at Prive. Luxury to be spending time by the bay on a Saturday afternoon. The Beef Stew according to her wasn't quite up to standard. Looked oily. My seafood wrap as usual was pretty good :)

The above was a meal for two! Yes, we overdid ourselves again. It's really insane, I'm eating like no tomorrow and refusing to get my fat ass to exercise for some bizzare reason. I do try to lift the dumbbell when I'm int he mood, but my attempts are feeble.

Had a mad craving for pasta just last week and decided to give the parchment pizza @ Pizzahut which many other bloggers were raving about. However, I was terribly disappointed as it wasn't on their menu. The waitress didn't even know what I was talking about! Ended up eating some salty pasta. They also ran out of warm chocolate cake...sigh..was dying for a sweet dessert! Anyway, the above ie. Cream Urchin with Clam & Mushroom Linguine and Cabonarra Mushroom & Clam Linguine. Now that's what I call (homecook) Pasta! Needless to say, I tucked in with much gusto. I'm definitely in denial that I look fetchingly svelte like on my wedding day!

Am having a rather surreal feeling. Sitting in front of the lappy, slapping on my SK2 mask and having my nails done earlier today. This feeling is unheard of and it's really making me uncomfortable. Then again, it could do with some getting used to. :)


Anonymous said...

who is F?

Siang n Janice said...

Who are u? haha

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