Monday, November 26, 2007

Gnee Hong Sux!

Remember I had a post entitled "Gnee Hong Rockz"? Well well, I'd like to take that down man! It's a terrible place to be buying your chairs or furniture from! From the day that post was published, till today, my set of 6 dining chairs and one study chair isn't here yet!!!!!!!! It's close to 4 mths already! I recall the day we placed our order n the deposit, the man said it'd take 6 to 8 wks. We were very excited as it means it'd be in time for our wedding. But till today, we can't have our bloody housewarming coz NO CHAIRS! We called them at least 3 times and were always told that there's some delay in China's manufacturing side. YAH RITE.....i suspect they brought it over n sold it to some high paying sucker! What the hell right? To be waiting this long and all this while, no calls from their end to update. Terrible service I must say. When questioned, the lady who answered seemed unsure of our order and her manager who knows about our order sounded extremely indifferent! Pissed us off. We almost called in to cancel n retrieve our deposit today when they called to say it finally arrive but have to wait till Friday for delivery! They even had the cheek to ask "so when do u want it?"..LIKE DUH>.....i replied that I wanted it asap n he said much for efficiency!


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