Monday, November 19, 2007

Honeymoon Confirmed! 13 Oct to 8 Jan 2008

yeepee!!! our honeymoon is finally confirmed! The tickets to USA (LA) are freaking expensive! over $2.5k per tix! Flying by SQ of coz! Wanted to use Krisflyer miles to redemn but I think that will take forever coz we'll be on least priority on the waiting list. So bo bian, paid almost $5k for the tix liao!...means less money for mi to shop! here's the plan:
First Stop -- LA...hmm mayb I'll get spotted and be a movie star!haha
2nd Stop: Las Vegas
Big Money! Show me the money!
Off to Philadelphia
New York! New Year @ Times Square?
Gonna visit the famous Washington DC followed by Nigeria Falls!


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