Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hubby's away....TIME TO PARTY!!!

Our First Western Meal with Zhenlin & Ah Pek
Mussels! YUM
Creepy Crawlies
DIE!!!!!! U MUST DIE!!

Sushi Turned out a little Soggy..but Tasty.

We Thought this was Eel! Turns out to be Mackerel!

Two babes @ work
Chef Liew Rocks!SLURP....dont u wish u were here?

My baby is still in Shanghai. After 10 days of getting married, my baby is off to Bkk for GOLF n then Shanghai for work. Talk about having sex every night after marriage!Hahaha. But it's really a refreshing change to have the big house all by yourself n catching up with old friends and most importantly catching up with yourself n all those outstanding shit!

Had a cookout session n compared to our first cooking session (made up of steaks, mussels, carbonara..basically western), i think we did a better job at reducing wastage! It's terrible u know to have so much leftovers! Second session was with my new relatives. Sis and bro-in-law and couz-in-law who unfortunately had to leave early coz she was unwell. Nevertheless it was really fun. Check out the 6 crabs i bought from Giant. 3 for $8.90! It's a steal! Those little rascals sure would crawl. Despite being tied, they crawled from my kitchen all the way to the balcony whilst i was bathing. they did this 5 times until i decided to put the notie one into a pail. Killing em was another skill. Peishi used a long chopstick and we all took turns to poke the poor thing. Chef Liew whipped up a mean meal with the blechan given by Godma...yummy chilli sotong and stingray. Needless to say, there wasn't too much of a wastage. (just the miso soup which was really too much and we saved 3 crabs for another day. =)


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