Monday, November 26, 2007

USA Here We Come!

hmm...what should I wear on day 1, 2.........27? I'm all excited about our honeymoon. Whilst I'm busy thinking of which scarf to match which top, dearest darling is racking his brains on how to get the money for accommodation. Indeed, it's no joke to be holidaying in the US. However, we should all live life to the fullest! Even if it means owing the bank $$. We wont know what will happen tmw right?

So on with my research as to which hotel/ motel/ hostel to live in. Gosh, they are all ex! but i'd really hope we'd to get stay a night or two at some posh hotel, have a candlelight dinner and a spa! just like our wedding nite, minus the candlelight dinner. Yes, sweetie over there isn't exactly Mr Romantic, so we probably can't expect much. He couldn't even remember where was our first kiss or when he gave me the first bouquet of flowers (everyone thought he never gave...n I almost gave up too!haha)

I think i'll start with something simpler --- What to Wear. (GOsh SO BIMBO!)


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