Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 2 -- Buy things, Eat Things, Buy things, Eat things

The interior of The Venetian

At Venetian. The sky's fake in case u are wondering.
MY Favourite!! Crispy Condense milk butter bun! To die for!
Yummy Pork Chop Bun @ Tsui Hua
Bland Abalone and ham instant noodles. Not cheap ok, you have to pay something like SGD10 for instant noodles like this!
Traditional Ice Blended Red Bean

Tsui Hua @ Central
Party on at Lan Kwai fong

Woke up bright and early (somehow the sun seems to be shining earlier in HK), and got ready to go to Macau for some gambling action. Took a train over to the ferry terminal at Central and hopped onto the bought. took about 45mins to reach the other end. Upon arrival, several drivers rushed over to solicit business. luckily we were smart and didn't get conned. We walked on and found all the casino shuttle buses waiting for us! There were soooo many people boarding the buses. One after another. each shuttle was just minutes away! We went to venetian, which was supposedly bigger than the one at Las vegas. Since we have recently went to LV, we thought we should check it out. The place i must say, was huge. In fact, all other casinos in Macau like Sands and Lisbao seems huge too. But I tink it's such a waste coz the ppl there are mostly Chinese nationals and all they know is smoke and gamble.

Then we decided to go over to Zhuhai. we were damn impressed by the fact that the hotel even provides shuttle to the border!!! I guess it's to facilitate the Chinese customers. So off we went to the border and all we had to do was walk over to the immigration, get our passports chopped n we were in Zhuhai China! haha..amazing. The place was packed with ppl. But it was very organised. One row after another. so many things..see until we gong. We only exchanged SGD100 and end of the day, we were left with approximately RMB60. went for a foot massage which cost an amazing RMB50 (FOR TWO MIND U!)...FUCKIng cheap right??

After massage, we headed back to HK. It was raining and we were freaking tired. Arrived at the pier at Central and went Tsui Hua for dinner. The Condense milk crispy bun was to die for!!!!! YUM!


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