Monday, May 26, 2008

Where have I been? -- HONG KONG!!

Tallest Building in HK -- IFC (international finance can find most of the big brands here)

Snuggling up in this cozy single bed for 4 nights. Sooo sexciting!hahaha
On the way up to The Peak
View from the Peak -- SIMPLY BREATHTAKING (apart from the fog)
telling the world that I've been here!
Peak Tower -- U can go up to the observatory tower to catch a bird's eye view. But dont be ridiculous! Why should I pay to see? We simply walked further down and found a scenic spot. best of all, it's FREE!

Seafood @ Lamma Island
Trying to catch a Lobster for dinner. Eeek!

wow! Such giant squids!
Bamboo Clams...yum! (saw them moving...eek!)
Scrumptious Clams with celery (very tasty!)

Been missing in action for a week now because I've been on a holiday with my dearest darling! Went to Hongkong for 5 days. was gracefully accommodated by a friend at her apartment near Gold Coast Hotel. Nice view, facing sea, has a yatch club nearby and a man-made beach! there's even a mac donalds and couple of restaurants + Watsons within walking distance! Isnt' that cool? Only problem, it's a little away from the hustle and bustle. Located amidst the greeneries, this place is along Castle Peak Road which is in New Territories. I'm not complaining, coz the air there is supposedly better! The place is also extremely accessible. There's shuttle buses to Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station, bus to Central, airport transfers, and of coz Taxis.

Upon arrival on the first day, we went to chk out Central. Due to time constraints, we could only do THE PEAK. Took a train and boy was it a steep ride up! It's supposedly the highest peak in HK. Prices of tix was only 60 cents long long ago. Now..many many times more expensive! Reached the peak and the view was breathtaking. Sadly, it was very foggy and we couldn't take nice pictures. the air was nice a cool and perhaps a little polluted too. The skies were amazingly hazy. At night, we went to Lamma Island for some delicious seafood with our friend Neil. Ordered lobsters, delicious celery & clam, lemon chicken, noodles, oh-so-soft squids for approximately SGD 200+. YYUMMY! but the boat ride there was amazingly long! Took us almost an hour before we arrived.


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