Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vietnamnese dinner @ Indochine

My goodness! how long have i not blogged? There's just so many things to do and so little time!! FOr the past few wks, I've been busy working like a dog. No day no night. Now, I can finally take a breather. A small one though. Things are not as fast pace and I manage to date my hunny bunny last night and we went to NUDE restaurant by Indochine. Mind u, there are no nudity at that establishment. Can we thus sue them for misrepresentation of words? haha

We had delicious Vietnamnese cuisine (i had the chicken noodles whilst he had the beef..we also had an appetizer-- some Laosian deep fried seseme Chix Wings..which are errrr your regular chix wings with a little more taste? The dip was sweet which I dont exactly enjoy.. the noodles were alright, after you put in all the spices and sauces). I thought it'd be nice for us to enjoy it in SIngapore since we can't join our friends on the 20th for a trip to Vietnam. :-( Nevertheless, we have bigger plans!!! We are going to HONG KONG yee pee! Causeway, Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui, here we come!!

After dinner, we went for a little shopping spree. Checked out Wisma and boy, i think i've become a country pumpkin! THe place changed so much. Patronized ON COTTON and bought some very cute undies! They are to die for! *SLURP*


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