Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex Sex and More Sex!

Why is she having that bird on her head!?!!?!??!...Totally doesn't jive with her Vivienne bridal gown!

Before you are thinking what I think you are thinking, GET THAT THOUGHT OUT OF YOUR PUNY BRAINS!!!!! This blog isn't R-rated! It's all about my favourite movie of the year! SEx n the city! Gosh. went to watch it with darling on 28 may (hunny bunny's bday) after a so-so meal at Hog's breath. The show was witty and the whole cinema roared with laughter (heng singaporeans aint as shallow as I thought) Even hunny bunny likes the show (or so he claims). I think many gals will die to be in Carrie's shoes. Literally, she has so many Manola's u would want to kill her! n though this time round i think her wardrobe's a little malfunction, on the whole, any girl will still die for her walk in closet! The stuff in New York Mahatthan are so freaking expensive! How in the world does she afford it just by being a writer!? I mean perhaps her lawyer friend Miranda can afford it ..but u dont really see her as the dressy sort. Sigh, i guess we can only dream of wearing Vera Wang or carrying a Prada when we are sleeping tonight. *sigh*

Get Carried Away! Go catch the show!!


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