Friday, June 06, 2008

Blue Lobster @ Frankel Avenue Rockz!

Check out the ambience! Cozy rite? There's alfresco dining too if u want. It can get pretty crowded on wkends!
My babies two little oysters *Wink*

Miso Cod (Mash sweet potato is to die for)
Pan-fried Salmon (Medium well)
Little neck clams in wine & garlic Sauce (I could simply slurp the whole gravy up!)
King Crab Bisque

This evening, I thought we should break tradition and not go mother-in-law's place to eat. I mean we have a car, and Singapore's a food paradise, so shouldn't we be exploring a little bit more? Perhaps I've been reading too many blogs these days. Inspired by blogs like and Food is Soooo motivating and inspiring!

Anyway, here's what we had at Blue Lobster (which seriously serves fresh seafood):
1) King Crab Bisque (Absolutely heavenly except it doesn't have much "meat"...n ohh the bread that came with it...heavenly! warm n crispy on the outside, soft on the inside)

2) Oyster for my baby (it's only $1 per pc on Thursdays!)

3) Little neck clams in Wine and garlic sauce (Delicious i tell u! The gravy especially is so tasty. Perhaps a little salty though. The clams are absolutely fresh!)

4) Main dish: I had the miso cod fish and he had the Pan-fried salmon (medium done)
The interesting bit is the side dish -- mashed sweet potatoes instead of the usual boring sweet potato! It's very nice n not too jer-lat. In fact the portion's just nice.

If we knew that it's a BYO place, we would have bought out red wine along! It's a nice place to check out. Pricing wise, well, i'd say it's not a place u'd be going Everyday, but worth eating once in a while. Total bill after 15% discount (AMEX cardmembers/ DBS cardmembers) came up to $79. =) THUMBS UP!


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