Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back to school :-(

It's time to face reality again. Time for students and i to hit the books. Been lazing around for the past mth and found it a little hard to come to terms. Well actually, I did teach almost everyday during the hols, just that I kept normal corporate hours and could see sunset when I went home. most importantly, i was truely happy to rush home and be with my dearest and have dinner with him or pak tor with him. :-) It's really blissful.

Now it's back to the old timetable. Workin till 10pm almost daily. coming home to a sweet home but a sleepy husband. After watching a show (together if lucky), he often gets hungry by this time, have his supper and off to bed. Whilst my night just started. Imagine reaching home at 1030. Having dinner at 11pm. Bathe by midnight, after watching my favourite drama serials, it's already 1am! Can't spend any quality time. In the day, it's the same. he's either chatting with friends online, replyin his emails or installin some softwares. Worse still, sometimes he's not even there for me to "Beo" his back. He'd be off on some 2 day golf trip, or off to some business trip. Once again, we can't spend any quality time. :-( Feel so lonely at times. No one to talk to, no one to understand how I feel. Mayb I'm just too chatty, but what to do? I'm woman afterall.

However, no work = no money. N this got me thinking. Should I aim to be a super tutor like what Sunday times featured? Come to think of it, perhaps I'm not earning 5 digits per month that's why I'm not on the Super Tutor's list. But that doesn't make me any less super! Everyday I slog for my students. Running up and down like a taxi driver. Stomaching all anger fm all avenues. N not forgetting, going hungry at times. I think I would really have to start thinking about "settling down". That's it. gonna work harder for a "brighter future" what do I mean? hmm...watch this space for more updates.


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