Sunday, June 08, 2008

I outdid myself again!! Fantastic seafood feast!

Baked Soya Sauce Chicken mid-joints (a little too salty..but what do u expect? it's SOYA SAUCE!)
Drunken prawns. dont be deceived by the colour. My camera sux. it's clear soup with dang gui and gouji (wolfberries) in it. it's fabulous!
Garlic Mayo Cod Fish

Lotus Soup (added extra ingredients today for extra taste!)
Pepper sotong (I had to ground the pepper myself ok!)

As promised, I was going to whip up a feast tonight. This should be a weekly affair. When my hubby goes for his wkly game of soccer, my, the lovely wife, shall stay home and do what a wife should do -- COOK! Tonite's meal was great! Took me a while as there were so many dishes but it was worth it. Except for the soya sauce baked chix wings which was a little on the salty side, the rest were really palatable! i must think of new menu to constantly improve!


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