Monday, June 30, 2008

Ugly Singapore Cab Drivers!

It's a F**king pissing day today! We have heard lots of stories re taxi drivers and their "excellent" driving skills together with their mannerisms. Well it started great, after a good sleep till 12noon and a great meal at Soup Restaurant @ Centrepoint, I went to teach as usual. On my way towards ubi, along eunos road, i was minding my own business and travelling in the middle lane, keeping my eyes peeled and not moving my steering a single bit coz i have no intentions of turning right or left. SUDDENLY, a white mercedes cab was next to me! it was so near me, it was only about an inch away from my side mirror. I got a shock n slowed down almost to a stop. but instead of moving away from me, the merc cab came closer and went in front of me. In the process, he bumped into my side mirror and scratched it! Still in shock, I did not give him the big HORN, but instead pulled to a stop as the traffic light turned red. The cab also stopped and the driver immediately came down. Prior to that, he was using his fingers and pointing at his rearview mirror at me! he alighted and walked towards me. I wound down my window only to hear his accusations of me trying to filter into his lane. Firstly, my signal was not on. secondly if i realli realli wanted to filter into the stupid lane, would I still be in my original lane after the little bang? Would the cab be in front of me IF he intended to keep to his own freaking lane?? Come on man, anyone with sense would be able to tell right from wrong. The idiotic driver still had the audacity to say he had a witness aka his passenger. I retorted that I did not even signal n had no intention of going into his lane. In any case he should have better manners and slow down instead of coming forward and bang me! N the fact that he shouted at me and accused me, prior to that, showing some finger gestures, was good enough for me to sue his arse out! Where is all the courtesy in Singapore? Has the courtesy campaign gone to drain? n I've always deemed those cab drivers who drive mercedes are of a higher calibre. n the fellow was speaking in english, displaying his certain amount of "education". has education turned them into road bullies? Is this the way to a gracious society? These people are often only nice and polite (acting like dogs) to tourist particularly caucasians. Why the discrimination? Why can't he just said a simple sorry. I was tremendously taken aback not to mentioned traumatized by his verbal abuses! It's no way to treat a lady. Seeing that no damage was made, he hopped onto his vehicle, still continuing his grumbles and rantings in the cab. Being a service oriented company, should the cab companies in Singapore warn their drivers? I know in China, the drivers are super nice to passengers because they are afraid of complaints. coz any complaints would render them out of job or a fine. Perhaps SIngapore should learn from our Chinese counterparts. now because of this ordeal, I have to make my way to AIG @ Martin road to make a statement. Just in case the other party claims anything agst me, though there was no damage watsoever. But u never know, there are many bastards out there who may mask things up and paint a different story. N in anycase, it's a new law by the Singapore government that we have to report ALL accidents, big or small to the insurance company otherwise we'd be breaching the law! I wont want to do that. So tmw b4 4pm i have to lodge the complaint, afterwhich, i shall write a powerful letter to the cab company expressing my unhappiness!!!


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