Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Death, a scary thing?

Had a mini talk with Kristie tdy about life and death. Is death that scary? Undeniably, it is, to a certain extent, but we all have to take it in stride. Can't help feeling upset when the subject of death is being broached. In fact, at times when i think of death (of people whom I love), I'll sob uncontrollably. This can strangely happen even when I'm driving...whilst listening to some sad song. Previously, I recalled having consecutive dreams about death and told sweetie about it. I told him that I pray that I'll die before him,so that he can take care of me till the end and I won't be alone. Guess that's rather selfish of me...coz it means HE'll be alone. but what the heck, he has more friends than I do!haha..plus he has siblings. I always feel that few relatives/ frens will be there for me when the time comes. Firstly because as the generations move on, relationships are not kept that close as in the past. Think of how close you are (n i do mean close) with your cousins or aunts and uncles and you'll probably get my point. Each have their own life to lead and their own burden to shoulder...who would be so free to show concern or take care of you? We have to face reality....even our own children may not look after us (ok, i'm talking as if I have kids, but that's what some would say). So we have to make sure we make the best of life while we can.
Alright....enough of this eerie topic. Time for more nerdy pictures!
OMG! What happened to the babes??
Orhhh..wish I were there!

On left: Mr Sensitive New Age Guy (I think that's what u said right Kris?)
On Right: Mr Fat Mean Sicko (that's Mr Loudmouth on the phone)


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