Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Revelation Day - Release of O Level Results 2008

WELL DONE TO ALL 'O' LEVELS Students of 2008!
The 'O' level results were announced yesterday and I was and still am, extremely pleased with what Regina achieved! Ahead of expectations, my dear student earned herself three points! CONGRATULATIONS! I was so happy for her that I almost wanted to hug and kiss her when she called to inform! I kept going "OMG OmG OmG" till my little P3 boy thought I was going looney! It was indeed an over the moon experience! It's like receiving my own results. Somehow, each time they receive their results, I'd be having a nostalgic feel...it seemed like yesterday that I had such jitters and excitement!

The top student apparently came from the same school as Regina. the school CHIJ St Nicholas apparently had done historically well this year. Kudos to the teachers of the school! However, it's certainly hard work on the student's part. I always believe that consistency and hard work will pay off. If you are lazy, no one can help u. so don't just talk, GET ON WITH IT NOW!!!!!!!!


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