Friday, January 02, 2009


Hi Beautiful people! How was your new year?
It's been a quiet year for me this yr. Unlike previous years when we'll join in the fun @ Bayshore on the eve, this yr, we've decided to act romantic and stay home. THat actually isn't a bad idea considering this is the first yr we are spending new year in our new crib! It was such a big diff from Niagara Falls (we were there exactly a yr ago!)...I MISS THAT PLACE!!! Sweetie said he'll cook for me...which he did. After his morning golf, we went grocery shopping...bought hell lot of stuff as there was gonna be a steamboat gathering on New year's day itself.

OPS! I totally forgotten about the garlic bread that was toasting in the oven!! Luckily it still tasted nice!

That was what my baby whipped up...I supervised of coz. The beef didn't turn out well,....i suppose because of the cut of meat he chose. It was rather tough but the mushroom sauce was good.A close up of my cod fish. The little black specks aren't charred remains of the skin or something. It's actually supposed to be crispy soya bean flakes. Very nice actually. First time frying ....overdid it a little, but fortunately it still tasted fine. The rostti was from IKEA...very easy..just pan fry over the fire for 2 mins n VIOla!

After dinner and a drama serial marathon, we decided to head down to watch the fireworkz....we hit the road at around 1145 and was in time to see the flares along East Coast Park

As we moved along, hoping to catch a glimpse of the fireworkz, we caught ourselves in a massive jam. The snails were simply crawling!!! Naturally, we could not see any fireworkz...oh well...who cares!! We've seen better ones in the States! N at an extremely close up view!
Day one of 2009......steamboat with the Table Tennis was an impromptu decision actually....but steamboat's rather easy to prep...Calvin bought a can of pai seh...Went to the market at Bedok Blk 56..that place rockz...clean, nice....spacious..n most importantly, LOADS OF Fresh food. Ok, i sound like an aunty totally! But seriously, if u are into cooking as I am, u won't be disappointed. It was such a far cry from what I saw at Giant. The prawns at Giant were a pathetic sight!....anyway, other goodies brought by frens include cakes and brownies which we couldn't finish...guess it's gonna be my breakfast for the next few days! YUM!

Everyone feasting on the food..The soup was fantastically sweet by mid point. there was even shabu shabu! Quite shiok with the Japanese Shabu Sesame Sauce.....the rest of the food (mostly balls) n seafood went really well with belachan chilli! Which reminds me...i'd better make a list of stuff I need to stock up!..The CNY is round the corner. Real early this time round. Oh no...makan am I going to get to my resolution of shedding that weight?..sheez! After dinner, we chilled a little over cards (the gambling session starts early this time) and watched Transporter 3. Not a nice show..very exaggerating!


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