Friday, January 02, 2009

Nerd invaded Singapore on New Yr's Eve

Over at the not so peaceful side of Singapore, Nerds were invading the country on New Year's eve.
Going all out, with banners and stickers! NERD POWER!
Husband and wife. Match made in heaven!

How's the air up there?

Wenjie looks like a professor from the 60s!

When I saw this photo...I could only do one thing...FLIP!hahahahhahaha

There were even props! The lolly-pop i mean! not the Martell!

Beauties and the nerd?Over in the other end of the world....Shups and Nico were having their own theme party of their own in France..I seriously cannot figure out who they are trying to portray!

This looks more's Snow white! now where's the 7 dwarfs?


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