Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dear God, I have a CONFESSIon to make

Dear God, I've been bad. I know i have.
I'm a full-time tutor by trade and a shopaholic by avocation. Someone needs to stop her from buying more dresses! Is there some sort of shopaholic anonymous program in Singapore?

Ok, exaggeration at its max. Caught "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and am certainly no where near Rebecca! At least I do not own 12 credit cards! In fact, since graduation, I've never owned a single credit card. It was not until my hubby gave me a supplementary card that I am officially a cr card holder. A good thing actually, coz if I had one earlier, I would probably end up like Rebecca. As it is, my obsession with clothes and shoes is amazing. And with the lure of the internet being there for you 24/7, you can practically buy stuff even when the shops are closed! THANK GOD FOR INTERNET SHOPPING, Else I'd never be able to satisfy my thirst for shopping. Rebecca's clothes (ok, some of them...majority were too outrageous for my liking) and shoes (the pink heels esp!! the pair she wore when she was the bridesmaid) were soooooo stupendously mouth-watering!!! *Sigh*...wish I could have the heart to splurge like her. Then again, there's always this conflicting thought of not having enough money for a rainy day. I splurge and buy loads of clothes and shoes, but majority are all budget items. No major big brands (ok, one or two perhaps but they are small items k). Being brought up under the tyranny of my monstrous mother, one can't help but turn out thrifty (sweetie would, at this point, beg to differ). To a certain extent, I'm proud of this trait of mine, much to the dismay of the luxurious retail outlets sprawning Orchard Road. However, I do continue to hold a light for this dream, to one day. fill my walk-in closet (that's step one to being like Rebecca or Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City) with one of a kind tops, hobos or totes from every big brand in Paragon, diamonite studded watches (I'm talking about swaroski crystals at least, not cheapo rhinestones) and shoes! *sigh*.....

I'll probably have to strike lottery in order to fulfill that dream. In the past, when people asked about my amibition, i'd say i'd like to be a tai tai. Now, it seems, i can't. Having a sweetie who lacks ambition seems to amplify the current status of my dream. Fortunately love transcends everything. PS: Some lucky ***** is gonna be a tai tai soon. shopping at Paragon will be her wkly affair and going to Milan or New York on sprees will be like me having coffee at a kopitiam -- A regular thing. Call me a sour grape, but can't help thinking why some just have all the luck.

ok. let me go dream about my high life tonight.

Got the book at home and been meaning to finish reading, but as usual -- Procrastinate!
I told you, I'm not a fast reader. Fall asleep after 3 pages albeit the fact that I truly wanna increase my level of literacy. Will accelerate. I promise (m just having too much readings to catch up with these days!)
I think her friend Suz was trying to sabotage her! Seriously, who would wear that as a bridesmaid outfit?
The royal blue dress is cute. Electrifyingly Short but nice. Can't say the same for the ugly checked coat though.
Finally, decent work wear.


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