Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marley and Me

Had a lovely little guest at my house on Saturday. Ah pek's daughter's (Elvy Chee)finally in SINGAPORE! We are all extremely elated for him:

The little one obviously knows what she's looking for. A financial analyst or the next Alan Greenspan?
HEY! Hands up! that's my milk money!Sneeky little thing, thought no one was looking!
That night, we went for steamboat at Golden Mile Tower. The raw stuff were really pricey. We took up a $60 package since there were 7 of us at that table. On top of that, a chicken. Total bill for two tables -- a whopping $198! Not very economical considering the amount of food was just an ant hill and the soup wasn't palatable too (the soup was totally tasteless! had to put several rounds of soya sauce)! Sweetie agreed that I cook up a meaner kickass soup than them!

Uncle Wenjie trying his hands at fatherhood?

Not an easy feat to get the little one to smile, but Sweeite did it! Isn't he a natural?
Still, the terrible weight of responsibility that parenthood brings along, the pain of childbirth (for the wife needless to say), the loss of freedom, the sleepless nights, the destruction of career prospects (for the wife once again), the loss of power...and the list goes on, terrifies most of us.
Why is this uncle making me inhale his bad breath?The real daddy's finally in the picture! Little Elvy isn't too happy coz the uncles were prowling over her! oh oh..look at that Hello Kitty...that's my Janice jie jie! (Yours truly)...She took an instant liking to it. thank goodness she didn't take my Conrad bears!

Saturday night, after steamy dinner at Golden Mile, friends adjourned to our house. All were staring and devoting their attention to......................
It was a lazy Sunday aka ME TIME. ME time for those who don't understand, means doing things that ME enjoy and No work, just time for Me, myself and I! Went for breakie with sweetie and friends @ Telok Kurau before heading to Audio House to get a 32inch LG TV for father-in-law. It was marked a reasonable $899 Cash and carry. I think it's time I bought my daddy a TV too! The one in his room has sad resolution. In fact, sad is an understatement! The picture's so grainy and it's perpetually showing warm colours only! I could never see the blues! Ok. I'm sold. I need to save hard and get daddy a TV for his bday! I've got 3 mths to go!

Had the compulsion to sleep the whole time today. Finally drifted off to sleep after sweetie went for his game. Was pleased with my achievement as prior to that, I did a 1.5km run for 20mins on my MIL's threadmill whilst sweetie was assembling the new 32inch. That must have accounted for some burnt calories! Dinner wasn't too sinful too. Used my little over and made honey baked wings (as above). The midjoints have been freezing in my fridge for the past mth! Was a good first attempt. perhpas folks should try marinating it this way for BBQ! It's really simple! G however commented that it tasted a little like dog's pee! DOG's PEE?! Sheez. sweetie and big brother liked it though. :-)

The wkend's almost over. Thankfully I spent it well. Was subjected to a very depressing moment when I watched Marley & Me this evening. I'm not a big fan of dogs, in fact, I embrace a slight phobia as I was chased by a charcoal black dog when I was young -- Stupid dog snarled and me balefully and chased me till I bumped my head against a pillar. What could a P3 kid have done to garner such a menacing attitude? Yet, the moment the Marley died, the tears just welled up in my eyes. Somehow, grief knew no bounds and my tears eventually streaked my eyes. Not a very glamourous sight since I was watching with a whole bunch of guys!

Jennifer Aniston's an absolute babe!! I would die for that figure of hers!

In some ways, I see some resemblence between Jen and I. She wants to have a baby but isn't sure if she can handle since she can't even take care of a plant -- I killed a plant too (totally forgotten to water it) when sweetie was on a overseas trip! haha... I see bits of sweetie in John too. Only difference, John's open to the idea of having a family and is willing to sacrifice and is really patient towards Jen. He's really sweet too (under the guidance of his superior)-- got a necklace for Jen, when he knows she's stressed over pregnancy, to dissipate the anger. Ok, i shan't go on as I tend to get oddly sentimental when it comes to this topic.

Update: OMG, as soon as this entry went live, 2 hrs later I have smth really exciting to blog about again! There's finally gonna be a plan! I'm fleeting with happiness! I finally know the reason! I must keep my calm but it's truly an aesthetic experience! Delirious! I'm on the verge of absolute intoxication! Intoxicated by the plan! Life suddenly has more meaning. Now I'm more motivated! What's the plan?hahaha....not gonna tell's for me to know and for you to find out!


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