Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Call it PMS or sheer sensitivity, I've been INSULTED!

The day started great. Woke up to a cold, rainy Tuesday. Was mentioning to AP that I did a mass giveaway of clothes previously and the girls were so happy. In fact, we are even planning to have a mass clothes exchange soon(if i start organising that is). That beats buying clothes, though I seriously don't think that would help in my blatant shopping sprees. Anyway, noting that budget is on his itinerary in times like these, I thought having such exchange would be a lovely idea. However, my proposal was somehow trashed when AP said his other half would not be able to fit into my clothes! Not wanting to admit defeat, I went on by saying that I'm an XS for MNG tees but was punctuated when he said that SHE was an XXS (is there even XXS to begin with?). So much for being Ms Nice. G was really nice the moment I posted my feelings on Facebook. He said "u could tell the other person "but you're ugly and I can diet". Haha".....I could, but I'll probably be shot in my feet once more coz the other party isn't exactly ugly and there's something called plastic surgery in any case. Anyway, I'm undeniably fed up with this mass consumerism and obsession with skinny girls! I'm not fat, am I? Denial does funny things to you at times. I feel PMS looking over me like an ominous menacing dark cloud. Just had to let it out here before it spoils my day. Perhaps I should seriously consider accompanying/ motivating (how, i don't really know) cousin P for night jogs/ brisk walks on Wednesday nights.

Episodes happened and emotions stirred


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