Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A not so simple dinner

The wkend came and left. It's been a while since I've displayed my culinary skills. Been up to my neck with things but I do crave for some homecook meal. Sweetie is my catalyst in cooking too as they say the way to a man's heart is his stomach. However, it's apparently not workin too well, coz he's too lazy to do the washing and would rather go out for meals. I can't do much washing as the eczema on my fingers are acting up. Doctor's advice -- EXCUSE WASHING! hhaha. Nevertheless, I think I need to treat myself a little better by pampering myself with some nutritious food. Thus the simple dinner (which turned out to be not so simple again):

This was what we had last wkend. Canadian Pizza!
This was my lunch last Wednesday.....Needed a break from chicken rice and beehoon...thus some comfort food -- NISSIN CUP NOODLES! Guilt is now written all over my face!
A myraid of dinner provisions! Now this is more like it. I planned a simple meal for 6. However, 6 became 7 and then 9 at the eleventh hour! Thankfully, I'm always well prepared and buy more than required!
Sharks Fin Melon soup. They lied. The melon didn't disintegrate nicely into shreds as expected. I had to smash it as it boiled. Effort worth coz my customers loved the sweetness of it. The melon didn't come cheap though. Cost me $7 for 3/4 of a melon! Not forgetting all the scallops and secret ingredients. hmmm....BUt for such a big pot, it's soo worth it!
BBQ Squid on banana leaf (ok, it's not BBQ) This is becoming a specialty of mine. Squid compliments of CY was cut a little too big by his wifey..hehe....nevertheless, it's still great tasting! Asthetically pleasing too!
Mouth-watering Sweet and sour pork. Taste wise was fine but lacked sauce. If you are wondering why there's potatoes in it...hmm...I'm wondering too. Ask Gwakie!
This is my first time cooking this. Stir Fried 生鱼 with wolfberries. NIce! The trick to making the fish nice and smooth is to dip it in egg white before frying.

This was a last minute tantalising entrant. Wanted steamed prawns but those little sea creatures were calling out for pepper and salt!


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