Sunday, June 14, 2009

Crazed Shopaholic

The last few hours have been well spent. Slept at 3am, right after supper at 85, which rendered me insanely guilty! Guilt was overwhelming and I woke up at 830am to get ready for some marketing action. It's been a while since I've done a proper cookout thus, the impulse to do it tonight. A simple fare (i hope).

Before I hit the sack, sweetie and I did a mask together! Cousin-in-law brought back a carton of Birds Nest Mask for me from Shanghai! Told him to buy 2 boxes, but he ended up buying 6 becoz they were irrisistably cheap! Singapore sells 'em for 3 times the price! I'm so glad I discovered it in 2005 on my trip to Beijing!

Was done sorting out the raw stuff and marinating the meats by 10am and sat down for a good breakfast, Ya Kun Style. Sprawled through the wkend papers and then I did something which was not pragmatic and totally illogical. Being a crazed shopaholic, the recent BKK trip did not satisfy me. In fact, I fared worse than previous years, perhaps due to the recession. I'm not a savvy shopper and am alwyas making wrong and useless purchases. Saw the latest Heinekken ad and it struck a cord with me. In a way, I had my dreams come true. To have a walk-in closet with clothes neatly arranged according to colours and length and a shoe cabinet also arranged according to colours. I'm very anal about such things. However, my wardrobe is now laden with mistakes. Too many stuff that don't suit me and which I hardly or never wear!

Seems like it's time to either go on a diet, sell or give away clothes....very demoralising! Sigh.

After clearing a hill of items which I could no longer fit, I was frustrated and thought I needed more to replenish. Thus, the wkly online shopping began! In my lifetime, I must have covered the equivalent of several marathon miles in the physical and online malls I've trawled. A quick browse on a few blogshops which updated me left me gripped by infatuation. In my moment of weakness, I placed orders for 8 items. Each item averages about $25. So far, my purchases had been fairly small, nothing I couldn't explain away. but, the moment i hit the button, regrets in. Not regretting that this may be an item that will merely sit pretty in my wardrobe, but rather, guilty that it's not a good time to be self-indulging. It was only this morning that sweetie and I had a heated conversation on cutting down on expenses and that I should help out more financially since he is still in search of a job. It's not that I'm not helping, but I too, m plagued with many bills and bombs such as allowances for parents (which easily amounts to 50% more than all the expenses made for the house!) However sweetie insensitively commented that it was my business that I wanted to give that much to my parents! Sheez!

Anyway, back to the topic of being an online whore. Are the stuff I buy exorbitant? Definitely NOT! However, my burden of guilt grew and the remorse made me feel deflated, unhappy and definitely much poorer! It boggles my mind coz a moment ago, I was feeling rejuvenated and satisfied with my purchases. However, as the saying goes " Opportunity knocks only once but temptation leans on the doorbell and refuses to go away."....guess I have a legitimate reason for my purchase now! :-)

This is a random picture. Apparently, in conjunction with the school hols, the bird park is organising some "sleep with the penguins" event. Anyone game for it? Not me for sure!

PS: Stay tune for more updates on this evening's feast!


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