Friday, June 12, 2009

Pasta Fiesta!

Sweetie's out having tea with the guys @ the usual humid joint whilst I'm enjoying the comforts of my warm but cosy home. The weather's been so stifling, I feel as if I'm engulfed in an inferno constantly. Wish I'm at Nigeria Falls right now, enjoying the mist which shines like a resplendent little gem. I sense the onset of yet another migraine. Been on the constant attack of migraines and nauseousness (no, it's not what you are thinking). The churning sensation in my tummy's most probably caused by indigestion and gastric (yes, indigestion and gastric doesn't have to be painful) is killing me softly. It irritates me to no end when I get such tension. It's like the brain and the stomach's humming the same tune in perfect unison. URGH!

To divert my attention and to fill in my unconstructive little pockets of time, I decided to pen a short entry. A rather random one though.

Sweetie changed his plan...took on a "TAKE 3" plan from M1 and got me an E71 for free! In my favourite white! :-) Felt a little lost without a stylus though....takes a little getting used to.
Below are pictures of a spagetti feast we had couple of wks back. To cater to a myraid of tastebuds, I had to whip up a variety of pasta. First up, A fusion -- Clam with Japanese buttered and Salmon Roe Pasta. It sounds utterly confusing but it's really easy to prepare! Tasty too, except that the premade sauce was a tat too salty.

This is my favourite! Cabonara with bacon and chicken patty!
haha...How true! MEN, remember to OBEY YOUR WIFE!
These pictures are horrendously overdue. went out for supper one night with the elusive and extremely busy Ed.
Nice midnight snacks. Tofu cubes in salt and pepper and calamari, Hong Kong Style. Sinful, but what the heck! I should experiment with this recipe soon!

That's me, looking retarded in my new toy. The two bows are actually hair clips which works on static. It doesn't fasten all that well, but at least it keeps my fringe away from my face without messing up its style!
Yup, I got myself an arm shaper. Trying to delude myself into believing that such things would work. I'm strangely lazy and unmotivated these days when it comes to exercising...perhaps due to the weather. Would really like to go back to the size I was 2 years ago. Very demoralised that there are tons of clothes I need to throw out. But am still indulging in ice-creams and mid-night snacks. Can't help it, I sometimes have an insane need to binge! Pehaps I should just get myself pregnant, then I've an excuse to be fat!haha


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