Sunday, January 17, 2010

He's the MAN and she's the woman behind him?

The wedding of the decade unfolded on 10 January 2010. A beautiful start to a new endeavor between Romeo and Juliet. Perfect Chemistry.

THE story unfolded 13 yrs ago when he was an ordinary 13-yr-old, scrawny, sun- bronzed Ah beng who often spotted a razor haircut, stiff with spray whilst she was a petite girl with lustrous hair drawn in thick shiny braids. It was almost love at first sight. There was a look of enthrallment each time he saw her walk pass. However, she was in genius class, while he didn't really make the mark. Being in the same school added to the agony. After what seemed like eternity, he finally won her heart during his Poly days, when they were 19yrs of age. His devotion for her grew together with his waistline! This ordinary boy has turned into a sloppy, corpulent paunchy man with a great mass of curly hair. On the other hand, her porcelain complexion is still prominently enhanced by her long black tresses straddling her shoulders and she's still the petite girl he knew years ago. Though his physique changed, the love's still strong. I guess love is blind because love is unconditional.

After years of courtship, they finally decided to tie the knot, albeit the very poor proposal if there's any at all! A ring was bought and she was expected to put it on, on the auspicious day. Typical Singaporean. To give him credit however, he was sweet enough to apply for a HDB flat secretly. Unfortunately, it didn't go through as they were earning heaps. (Under Singapore's law, a couple will not be able to obtain a housing loan from the government should their joint salary be more than $8000).

Preparation for the big day took months and the big day finally came:

The smirk hasn't changed after so many years! It has become his trademark!

GATECRASHING...shake your bon bon....

Gatecrashing. It gets tougher each time as the sisters try to outdo their attacks. THis time, the boys were given a task of dancing to the tune of "Nobody" by the Wonder Girls. A hilarious moment!
Bros and Sis clad in customized pink tees! A welcome concept by all. Finally! No more little cocktail dresses and ties at gatecrashing! It must have been the best moment for the bride for after 31 yrs, she has waited for this day -- To STEP ON HER HUBBY!!
After 31 yrs, our dear A is no longer THE man. Now SHE's the Man and HE's the woman behind HER! (PS: for the record, he "graciously" allowed her to step on him after failing to step her her sweet!)

Helpers arrived for rehearsals at 430pm. Most of us needed a drink before the event to get us into the mood!

Doesn't she look adorable in that dress?? Coupled with those luminous jet-black eyes, she definitely outshone Fann Wong!!

The groom A was perspiring copiously when he heard that the vow would be made in two languages! haha...It was probably worse than taking an oral examination as beads of perspiration rolled down his cheeks. Listen carefully to the fumble. Nevertheless, it was a touching moment. We could have sworn a teardrop was rolling at the brim of his eyes!

It was one of the most entertaining weddings! Even the hotel commented that they have not seen such a spectacular stint pulled off so well in a long while. Friends of over 10yrs were pulled together for a dance entry, a prelude to the happy couple's first march in. We danced to the tune of Jolin Cai. It was great fun! This was followed by a spectacular display of poppers as the couple made their grand entrance, with the groom crooning to a love ballade by heavenly king, Jacky Cheung. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

The second march-in's entertainment level was just as high. With many being educated in a Chinese-ed environment, the song 甜蜜蜜 seemed to strike a cord with the audience.
It felt like a massive alumni gathering for CCHS. Out of 50 tables, there must be at least 7 tables filled with seniors and juniors!

An emotional moment when the mask was taken off. It's times like these that I feel he's not as irritating or MCP as he seems.

The Star of the night. 个人演唱会!

A few songs and drinks later........

He was a goner even before the night was over! A few songs and drinks at the KTV (part two of our celebration) and the groom staggered back to his room, leaving the bride speechless and all alone to fend for herself against monstrous bunch of liquor attackers!

Revenge is Sweet!

4 yrs ago, sweetie was "violated" by the monstrous A!

Love is the beauty of the soul. In love, there are no impossibilities. The best things in the world cannot be seen or touch. It must be felt with the heart. I wish my endearing friends A & L everlasting love and a blissful life ahead! :)


Anonymous said...

great post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

Siang n Janice said...

Hi Anonymous...It'd be nice if you cld leave a name :)....I'm not that into twitter (m a bit of a tech retard) but u r more welcm to follow my blog :)

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