Sunday, January 31, 2010


Once again, I found myself slacking off into the void of utter laziness, into the abyss of absolute procrastination. Uploaded several pix but haven't got the time to write. The wkend had been an fulfilling one, with many goals met and loads of money spent! Starting with some chaos at home. Shit's piling up literally in my lavatory. Our humanity was restored when the plumber was called in. After several futile attempts at unclogging the WC, the experts were called in. The ultimate cause was never found.

The plumber was called in at 1030am and in 30mins he came! Efficiency came at a cost though. The damage -- $200 (after much haggling!! Our WC didn't even cost us that much!) According to sweetie who was the supervisor of the entire project, it took a mere few minutes to chisel the pedestal and give the pipes a good air pressure to force whatever's stuck down there out of the way. The whole time sweetie was complaining about how ridiculous the charge was...wonder if we've been fleeced!

A new year present for our home sweet home. New Stove (costing us a whopping $544...aiyo that doesn't sound like a lucky number)! we've been wanting a new stove and triggered by the new stove over at my in-law's place, we decided to take some timely action. Afterall, the old one was a hand-me-down. The colour's Mirror black and we had to pay $20 extra for it...don't ask me why...probably it's a popular colour? Now I can check if my hair's in place as I cook! haha..Sweetie had an infuriating time waiting for the delivery though. It was told to us that installation would be between 11 -3pm...sweetie waited for what seemed like eternity and finally at 330pm the workers came! So much for punctuality. Better yet, they did not call before coming! Still, I love my new stove to bits! Finally no more luminous sooty flames! We did a massive scrubbing of our pots and pans, now they are shiny and bright, ready to welcome in the lunar new year!

The pocket's really getting empty during this period. Apart from the ordering of new year goodies, investment also had to go to gifts for family. Somehow buying things doesn't seem too fun! However, sweetie doesn't seem to feel the pinch. Or perhaps he's numbed by the whole insanity. He gave in to temptation and bought himself a pair of Tag Heuer frames! I was the accomplice. I thought it looked good on him and the poor boy has been wearing the old pair since we got married! It's about time! Still, the $660 price tag was a huge amount to swallow! Fortunately, that's after massive discount from a friend who deals with TG frames. It's a bittersweet feeling to see sweetie so happy parting with his money, yet we are struggling to make ends meet. Also, I'm always condemned for buying so many bags and clothes, yet the $660 is supposedly something he deserves! URGH....just yesterday I was discussing with him my contemplation in getting myself a new bag which I had been wanting since forever...his reply "NO! U've got tons of bags!"

Oh well, in some ways, he's right. Thus, I focused elsewhere....MASSIVE CLEANUP:
Threw away three bottles, but bought 3 new fragrances! haha...Love the New Summer Fragrance for men by CK....n I simply had to upgrade my bottle of Gucci Envy!Bags that are going into the recycling bin. Nope, these are not groceries for the month..they are stuff cleared off the fridge..mostly Expired! *GULP*..fortunately, I did good in making full use of most of them. Majority have been 80% used. :)Threw away some, but bought HEAPS! A trip to GIANT cost us close to $200....n there's still lots more to purchase...URGH....I need more moolah!

Flashback to weeks ago.....
Meal with great company, D and BY at one of our favourite haunts: BLOOIES @ Siglap. On a separate occasion ....Found this lovely cafe at Thomson after a satisfying Japanese meal at Sakae Sushi...Been a while since I had Japanese. The decor of the Little Part 1 cafe is really cozy. n with games and books at that cafe, there won't be a dull moment.

Lastly, I leave you with a rather mind-provoking mini-conversation on the demographics of Singapore which I had with Big Bro just the other day:

Big Bro: Do you know that the fertility of Chinese in SG is 0.25?
ME: no la..not so low la...
Big Bro: Yes, it's true....many don't have kids or perhaps have one
ME: it's true though...I heard of many friends who rather have dogs than kids
Big bro: then why are u guys not having a dog or a kid??

hahahahhaa....Ya hor....WHY?? i wonder wonder wonder......


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