Friday, February 05, 2010

Wish List

Haven't had such great sleep in a long time! Had the luxury to wake up at 11am this morning due to a cancellation -- something not welcomed but then again, we need to pause at times. Managed to get so much chores done meanwhile -- tons of clothes washed and floor mopped (a department which I'm not in charge of but a certain somebody hasn't been doing his job these days *smile*) Am recovering nicely from my incessant cough and sniffs but appetite hasn't been good. Lunch for these two days has been This:

Am not trying to go on a diet but cereal's a really good filler when you at a lost with the mundane plethora of food available at your local kopitiam.

Been very hyper since last night. Was putting up some decorations with sweetie. Am so pleased with the results! Mom called to announce that our unit number opened first price (permuted though)...hmmm..I'm smelling the money...i know it's near!

This masterpiece is proudly displayed in our master bedroom. An apt place for love to blossom even more. Love it to bits!

Sweetie collected his New Year gift for himself -- Tag Heur transition glasses.
Sigh..I have some items on my wish list too...only problem, I can only wish...Responsibility lies squarely on one person when you are the only child. It's no thrill to realise that the money in the CPF account is dwindling. One of the 'perks' of working for someone I guess is that it's mandatory for one to contribute to the CPF account. It's done automatically each month thus one does not have to worry. However, as a self-employed, one has to be more disciplined -- an area which I find myself lacking. I'd like to attribute this to the many bills and work I have to do. :)

FENDI Dotted leather tote. The texture is gorgeous. Carry everyday essentials in style with Fendi's large brown leather tote with Fendi logo and red dot pattern. Wear it with your favorite summer outfits for sunshine-chic at home or abroad. *Swoon*....sweetie's opinion however was: is this a bag people carry to the market and stick a fish inside?

I'd certainly like to bag myself some signature Burberry style with this taupe perforated leather carryall with iconic check underlay. Wear this off-duty favorite with skinny jeans and louche jersey layers. An iconic timeless shape.

I'm an unapologetic Balenciaga Gal. The classic motorcycle bags are an all-time favourite. Pair this baby for a casual downtown look. A casual chic shape that will remain a timeless piece. One day, I will vociferously take the plunge!


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