Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Spring Cleaning Jamboree

The wkend has been a horrendously busy one. Was preoccupied with getting the Cervarix jab and collecting my cheongsam which I wore during my wedding 2yrs ago. Sent it for alteration. Been reluctant to try ever since I took it back. It's apparent -- I'm in denial.

Speaking of Cervarix, am utterly pissed with my Gynae who didn't do a good job at educating me. As age catches up, I thought I should do a little "servicing", thus did a full body checkup over December. It's found that I do not have chicken pox immunity (despite having vaccinated twice!), and no Hep B immunity. As such, the gynae (Y from TMC) suggested that I take both vaccines again, together with the cervical cancer vaccine. Naturally, as a layman, I abide her suggestion only to learn from my family doctor that what she had given me was a Hep B and A jab called Twinrix, which was totally unnecessary since the test did not cover Hep A! Apart from that, Cervarix didn't seem to be the popular vaccine used by many. I was told by the gynae that it suited me best. Probably suited her pocket. Call me cynical, but I'm very skeptical over such specialists now. My family doctor wasn't a wee bit pleased as well. Now that the first jab has been taken, I'd need to continue with the same brand for three times. Yup, both Hep B and Cervarix has to be taken three times. The best has yet to come. According to my family doc, the reason for the negative result on chicken pox immunity could be that I'm not even responsive towards the vaccine! NO ONE TOLD ME THAT! N I spent hundreds for two jabs! Imagine the shock I was in! Mouth agape and i was rambling incessantly to sweetie that the gynae wasn't responsible enough to tell me that I could be unresponsive, even for Hep B! Of the two visits, I learnt nothing much from her. Each time she'd say "so dearie, what can i do for u today?".....how would I know what can u do for me? Shouldn't YOU be telling me? especially after being told of the situation?? Simply put, SHE SUX! if it weren't for sweetie, I wouldn't have gone to her. Sweetie golfed with her once u see and we thought we could get a good deal! Well, WRONG! Feel so cannibalised now.

Started the spring cleaning jamboree on Saturday night. First stop -- Study room's shelves. Cleared away a whole lot of papers and reorganized a bit. The whole episode lasted till 4am! Was happy to find new owners for some books. It's an overwhelming loss yet strangely liberating. Looking to recharge and start things afresh however, the will is strong but the mind is weak.

To welcome in the festivity, I put on a few more artsy fartsy touches to the humble abode i call home. Sweetie helped a fair bit and I must say, the end result is extremely satisfactory. This Dandelion picture's placed right in front of the main door such that, you'd be refreshed the moment you step into my home. It's really quite rejuvenating to see the petals "fly".

Apart from the flowers, this self-made "enter" mat will definitely en-amour many. Inspired by the cushions I made a month ago. Am madly pleased with my deft fingers!Just so you remember -- The cushions I made!

Chinese New Year seem to be a chore for many...seems like it's the only time in the year that we seriously give our homes a good spruce. Despite being a rather neat and tidy person, I still find myself busy with chores. There's endless things to do and I'm just not in the mood......Been feeling extremely lethargic of late. Perhaps it's the weather? Perhaps it's me? I'd like to think of it as the "side-effects" of being vaccinated. Afterall, my body is now battling with unknown bacteria. I should rest!!


Jo said...

thanks for all the kind comments on my blog. see you're all busied up for the LNY. email me... nice to chat with another blogger. :)

janny said...

Please educate yourself about the adverse reactions before you take the other two shots.

Cervarix has the same site effects as Gardasil.

In the UK there are more than 3400 adverse reaction reports on Cervarix.


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