Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ROAR! What will the year of the Tiger beckon?


Have embarked on my daily doldrums of my work week but constantly reminisce about the wonderful CNY holidays we had over the last few days. I relish every moment of it and wish it didn't have to end so fast...

Was celebrating the fullness of CNY in its glory albeit being structural as usual. Sweetie is constantly suggesting that we fly off and take a break during this festive season but knowing my family, they'll hit the roof if I do so. (ok no sighing, it's still Lunar New year!)

Heavenly Pineapple tarts baked by P's mommy. Melts in your mouth. Exquisite taste which will leave you in deep craving. The galore of CNY goodies have rendered me helpless in this gastronomical heaven. But in all truth, I haven't been eating all that much. Reason -- ULCER. Damn. Also, new year resolution -- To slim down (an arduous and formidable task no less, with my kind of lifestyle)

Day one : Typically a day to visit my in laws and sweetie's relatives. Am really thankful that sweetie's side operates in an efficient manner. Everyone would gather at granny's place for reunion and thereafter, ang baos will be distributed. Thus, there was absolutely no need to visit each other on subsequent days! Isn't that fantabulous?! Efficiency at its peak! In retrospect, my end isn't that smooth sailing. Every yr we have to make those strategically arranged obligatory visits to relatives whom we see only once a year. Make quick conversations and evade questions like "when are you going to have a baby?" These annual pilgrimage can be a hassle especially if you are the outlier of the pack. I was one at granny-in-law's place. There were simply too many people squeezed in a 5-room flat. Moreover mostly were Mandarin speakers whilst I'm more comfortable with the English language. As such, i found myself pre-occupied with nonsensical shows on television, and pretending to be absorbed in the festive mood.

Day one was also a day when I'd bump into my cousins...n I suddenly realised how time flies! Look at how much they have grown!! It's SCARY! This year, CNY plopped itself on vday's annual fixed date. As such, it gave sweetie an excuse not to have a proper celebration with me. Not that I mind as I think vday's just a commercial event for restaurants and florists to earn the year's keep. When was the last time he gave me a pressie on Vday? hmm....sadly, I can't remember. Seems so far away. I can never reach a consensus on this issue. I'm a hopeless romantic, but he's a practical person. Nevertheless, I gave him a little custom-made present:

Nice much? One for him and one for me! Made specially by Jeanine.

Day 2: More visiting. Had to plough through each venue in vain hopes that it will end real soon. The unconstructive little pockets of time were filled with monstrous binging. In between the obligatory visits, we made a social visit to T's place where all our friends gathered. It was a year of the BANGS....loads of gals had their fringe cut! let's see who can last the longest! In this humid weather, it's actually quite insane to be keeping such a hairdo. The air was thick with excitement as many were engrossed with earning "extra keep".

LOVeeeeeeeeeeee my dress to bits! The lucky colour of the day was Beige but unfortunately, the beige number I planned to wear didn't turn out the way I wanted. Sweetie commented that I looked like a prostitute, thus I had to change. Thankfully, I was still able to match this purple number with my Stella Mccartney heels!

A baby with the most expression I've ever seen! Her brows are so animated!

Day 3: Finally, I ensconced myself in a comfortable armchair at home. Feeling perpetually tired after all the festivities. Managed to put my culinary skills to the test once more. Since it was the new year, I whipped up a tantalising plate of braised mushroom with Fa Choy (moss), Golden garlic prawns, herbal steam chicken and fried egg. I feel indescribably blessed to be sharing this meal with sweetie and must endeavor to keep the feeling up!

After lunch, the minds of many started grappling over cards. Yup, it was a serious session which saw sweetie winning back his loses from yesterday. Phew. Thankfully he recouped, else hundreds would have been gone down the drain. I'm adept at cooking but when it comes to gambling, I yield. HOwever, sweetie wanted to sponsor me $5, thus I took it gladly and joined in the fun. Fun I had and $$ i earned! from $5, it became $52! The returns were good. In a perverse way, I actually miss it.

The big loser -- A looking rather miffed.
The big winner, G, treated us to seafood after winning over a thousand. It was a good deal for me and definitely a welcoming gesture for many.
Faced with such delicacies, everyone was in an ebullient mood. The presentation of the food was pretty exquisite, somewhat fusion. Foodwise was also good. A deserving 4/5 rating should be given. The marmite chicken, egg noodles and egg yolk crab really whet my appetite. The chilli crab however was a tad too spicy for my liking. It's different from the ones we are used to having at Jumbo, it's less sweet and more spicy. We savoured all the dishes till approximately 10pm before heading home. The effect of the dinner was immediate. Upon reaching hm and catching up with my favourite drama serial of the moment " Zhu Guang Bao Qi", the zzzz monster attacked me. Haven't slept this early in the longest time. Sweetie was just glad to have his wife next to him at bedtime. I'd really hope to inculcate better sleeping habits but with so much to do, I don't know when to start or stop. however, at this point, I'm frightfully unmotivated an plain lazy. The new year has brought about contemplations and resolutions. I hope i can keep mine...Can you? :)



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