Monday, February 22, 2010

le diner parfait?

I was feeling innately lazy today. Still am actually. Had interrupted sleep all the way till 11am before I stretched languidly and decided to start the day. The day saw me being conquered by the ZZZ monster again from 3-6pm. It's basically sleep, eat, sleep eat. Ok, to be fair, i did managed to get quite a fair bit of work done before finally sitting down to enjoy a stupid Stephen Chow show with sweetie. This should how life should be -- productive amidst leisure. Wish everyday were Sunday. Alright, I'm still feeling extremely lazy...engine's spluttering but the car's reluctant to move. Thus I leave you with some photos which speak for themselves:

It was the 7th day of the Lunar New Year (人日) which is supposedly everybody's birthday. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I decided to entertain and invited sweetie's cousins over for dinner.
Bon Appetite! Fatabulous Mash made by A. Ingredients include milk, butter (lots of it!), spring onion, pepper, salt and of coz potatoes! A seems like the perfect bf, flying in frequently to visit C and constantly showering her with gifts and love...awww...miss those honeymoon days. Then again, it wasn't like that when i had my honeymoon. remember, I'm romantic and he's practical? Sigh...
A dish which everyone was raving about! My mil calls it Philippine Lala. Whatever it was, it's definitely an awesome dish which I'd be cooking more often in future. Not that cheap though -- $13.80 per kg. However, it's worth the price as u'd be begging for more! The juice oozing out form each shell is soooo sweet and the meat, succulent!
My sauteed mushrooms was also a success. I realised that fresh mushrooms weren't as fragrant as their dried counterparts, thus loads of spices had to be added.

J made the salad. well, basically it's only cutting up the veg. The dressing was some Japanese Sesame Dressing which was really tasty. Not cheap though. One bottle costs $13+! n it's a small bottle mind u!The main dish...Grilled to perfection by Sweetie!

Not a beef lover, i opted for cod steak. Jk commented that it looked good enough to be served at the are too kind! M still trying to perfect my skill of cooking the cod. Somehow, i'm always not adding the right amount of flour. It either turns out too crispy or not crispy at all. urghGreat food with great company. My happy guests!
Top it off with a glass of champagne and the dinner's parfait!


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