Sunday, January 03, 2010

The start of new things to come

It may be 2010, a brand new year, but no fresh routines seem to be carved out (yet). The Sunday started off lazy. Fatigue from the whole year's work and all the partying probably ate me up and took over me as manifested by the time I got up today. Well, it's not too bad -- 11am :).

The day progressed with grocery shopping and heaps of overdue filing and laundry. Felt good with the amount achieved though it didn't seem apparent. Sometimes such feelings are difficult to measure empirically. The warmth of the sun caressed me as I made my greatest achievement -- READING more than 3 pages! for those who don't understand what so magnificent about this feat, I seem to have an "illness", and that is I'll fall asleep after reading 3 pages of any nature. Be it a feature article in a magazine or the latest episode from Twilight, you won't find me past 3 pages! Hopefully the bug leaves me in 2010 as one of my resolutions is to READ MORE!

2010's a good start for some. In particular Big Brother....won his first Toto of the year! Though not too big a deal, but still a handy sum to start the year. Fatty also won a tiny sum. Thinking that luck may just overflow to my side of the pasture, I decided to place my bets on my car plate number. Am not a gambler. In fact, this probably happens once in a blue moon. I guess, what's mine will be mine. You've guessed it -- I did not win the lottery :(.....Big Brother was nice enough to share his joy. Brought me and sweetie to Coffee club for desserts and coffee. Sweet.
It's the soccer season again and I treated the boys to some Taiwan delicacies -- WASABI CUTTLEFISH. Awesome stuff which brought tears to many! haha
The day wouldn't end off nicely without food. Calorie laden dinner tonight was at Joo Chiat. There's hordes of stalls along the stretch, each with their tantalizing spread.

Service was not to my delight. Someone must have stepped on the old lady's tail as she was rather snappy. There was one large table at a corner but she said it was a dead corner thus wasn't big enough for the 5 of us. Next, a family of 4 came and instead of asking us what we'd like for dinner, she allowed them to place their orders first! They were obviously acquainted but still!!!! The food fortunately came rather promptly. Ba Kut teh wasn't all that fragrant. In fact, it's more like pepper soup than anything else. I asked for a refill but was told to wait. Only upon asking twice did the refill come. Efficiency -- Zero. Fish head curry seemed to be their specialty as everyone seemed to be having it. It was enough to appease my cravings but it was a tat too sour.

However, this meal inspired me to plan my menu for Chinese New Year. Hopefully I can find time (and budget) to cook for my family again and prove that I'm not some prima donna. My culinary skills would be put to the test in feeding some picky tastebuds. Am already thinking of trying out assam fish, prawn paste chicken, garlic prawns...just to name some. It's not too early to think, it's afterall only a month more! CNY is on Feb 14 which coincides with Valentine's day...which probably means some love birds wouldn't get to celebrate it on the day itself!
The night wouldn't be complete without desserts. Thus, I had to do my nightly shopping. Was checking though updates on Agneselle and guess who I saw? MY COUSIN! OMG! Agneselle invited three lucky buyers for dinner. I think she must hv spent heaps to be one of those "lucky" buyers! The world has become smaller because of the Internet!


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