Saturday, January 16, 2010

Recounting a productive day

I commence writing with a heavy heart. Been reading more blogs than writing! Terrible. Too much reckoning. Spouting too few words of wisdom. There's simply too much on hold. With CNY looming, it's inevitable that little me is scampering around, sourcing for the best buys for parents, in-laws and God Parents. It's the same routine each yr. I'm always the one going the extra mile in pleasing the oldies. If left to sweetie, I think he'd probably just say "Let's go on holiday". Typical.

With 2010 into its sixteenth day, I must say (with much regret though) that today's the only day I woke up early without an alarm clock and did loads. Am planning to whip up a mean dish this Sunday and since Sunday's the only day we probably can sleep in, I decided to do my marketing today. Didn't expect the cost to be so high over at Marine Parade Market though. Felt like I've been fleeced, especially for that $17 fish head! Perhaps coz the seller spoke English to me! Marketing, breakfast and cleaning up were all done by 10+am. This was followed by a series of admin work which needed serious sorting out. Managed to steal a quick nap before job proper started at 230pm. Fortunately for that power nap, I was able to last this long.

Rushed like a mad woman and was once again infuriated by screw ups in schedule. Just when I thought everything has been settled. Wish parents can be less protective, stop pampering their kids and accommodate my timing! That's the downside of the job. Am reluctant to re-look at my schedule. Will probably do so later. Sigh. Got news that G's in hospital and just had surgery, thus I rushed down after work to SGH. That place is a maze and there isn't a carpark next to every block! Was so frustrated as I had to beat the clock. Visiting hours ends at 830pm and I arrived at SGH compound at 820pm!! Fortunately, my muscular legs didn't fail me. I sprinted to the designated block and made it just on time! Ward 56. Before me was a lady who used to have the most upbeat smile plastered across her face...G looked like she has aged overnight and was perpetually tired. Pained me to see her that way. But we all know that God is kind and would look after her. She was not relying on morphine anymore thus was feeling the true intensity of the pain. 3 ribs were taken up and on her sides were 40 stitches waiting to be taken out! The poor girl must be hurting. Thankfully, hubby J was right beside her all this while, giving her support and love. Touched. I pray that her tumour's benign. This is the second time this killer cell's discovered but we all believe that she'll be strong and pull through it all. One's mind grapples with shock when you wonder why such a kind soul is plagued with such a condition. Had a good chat with her for almost 2 hours and rediscovered our friendship on another level.

Supper/ dinner was at my favourite mee sua place. Tried my luck and dated Jas who happened to be on her way home. Yeepee. Amazing that our friendship has passed the test of time -- We knew each other all our lives. Right from Primary one! Come to think of it, there are a couple friends whom I know since P1 and are still v much in contact! Cool. Am glad I managed to speak to Jas. Her bubbly nature has this indescribably way of cheering someone up. It's infectious. I'm happy once more and see light in the future. The panacea is to be focus and work towards my goals. Must endeavor to achieve more! Dreams is what one needs. Fuelled with dreams, I believe I'm able to face with any predicament *fingers crossed*. The new year has brought about contemplation and resolutions. I just hope I can keep them!!!

Lord, You said if I fear You and shun evil, this will bring health to my body and nourishment to my bones (Proverbs 3:7-8). I will not die, but live and proclaim what the Lord has done (Proverbs 118:17)

PS: Sweetie is already asleep. It's 2am for crying out loud! Feels weird. Doesn't seem like we've been spending quality time. How to when he sleeps at midnight and I'm back at 11pm and when you mk time for him, he's out gallivanting/ golfing/ entertaining. It's a vicious cycle. To maintain the sparks is of paramount importance. Heard an advice from "uncle agony" from Men's Health. He says that to please one's partner or maintain a healthy r/s, the man should do smth sweet (flowers, a gd meal, cool etc etc) for the partner at least once a mth. When was the last time your guy did something sweet and surprise you? The "sweetest" I've got recently was probably to know that he cooked dinner and left the extra plain rice for me!


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